Executive Memoranda 1985

EM #DateTitle
85-001March 18, 1985Policy on Sexual Harassment; Revisions to EM 81-009/Revised by EM 89-035
85-002March 19, 1985Faculty Recognition and Support Committee; Revisions to EM 84-011/Revised by EM 89-006
85-003March 29, 1985Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise
85-004May 08, 1985Campus Policy on Alcoholic Beverages; Replaces EM 81-001/Replaced by EM 89-003
85-005May 20, 1985Grading Policy; Supersedes EM 76-006/Revised by EM 89-002
85-006June 18, 1985Smoking in the University Facilities; Revisions to 73-017/Superseded by EM 88-007
85-007June 18, 1985Repeat Policy; Supersedes EM 77-010/EM 81-011/EM 82-009
85-008June 18, 1985Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement; Supplements EM 83-012/Revised by EM 90-022/Superseded by EM 99-003
85-009July 03, 1985Scholastic Probation and Disqualification
85-010Not Issued
85-011September 30, 1985Academic Calendars 1985-86 and 1986-87; Revision to EM 84-002