Executive Memoranda 2001

EM #DateTitle
01-001January 04, 2001Student Privacy Rights and Student Records Administration Policies and Procedures Document; Supercedes EM 78-16; Superceded by EM 06-34
01-002January 11, 2001Establishment of the International Biosafety Committee, Procedures, and Guidelines
01-003February 20, 2001Implementation of the 120-Semester-Unit Minimum Requirement To Award Baccalaureate Degrees
01-004February 23, 2001Shared Network Resource Password Policy
01-005March 02, 2001Property Management: Accounting, Control, and Reporting
01-006October 23, 2001Minimum Academic Qualifications for Student Office Holders; Revision to 00-104
01-007April 18, 2001New Options in Nursing
01-008April 18, 2001New Options in the MA in Social Science
01-009April 23, 2001Approval for Revised Special Major Program; Supercedes EM 90-017; Superceded by EM 07-008
01-010May 15, 2001Approval of Minor Changes to the Professional Physics Option
01-011May 15, 2001Approval of Removal of RS 151 from General Education Theme E; Supercedes EM 00-004
01-012June 16, 2001Approval of General Education and Cultural Diversity Courses - Area D
01-013July 23, 2001Affirmative Action Policy
01-014August 09, 2001Guidelines for Discontinuing Programs; Supersedes EM 89-031
01-015August 02, 2001Approval for Master of Social Work
01-016August 16, 2001University Policy on Hospitality Expenses; Supercedes EM 99-028; Superceded by EM 09-007
01-017August 20, 2001Approval for BS in Geology
01-018REVISED June 22, 2010Library Advisory Committee
01-019October 08, 2001Approval of General Education Course - HNRS 149, Seminar with an Outstanding Professor - Spring 2002
01-020November 27, 2001Approval for MFA in Art