Student E-Mail: Interim Policy for Official Communication With Students via Electronic Mail

Executive Memorandum 05-005

April 14, 2005

From: Paul J. Zingg

Subject: Student E-Mail: Interim Policy for Official Communication With Students via Electronic Mail


On the recommendation of the Vice Provost for Information Resources and the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, I approve this interim policy for immediate implementation.

University Use of E-mail

California State University, Chico considers e-mail an official method of communication with students which can provide substantial improvements over traditional written communication as it delivers information in a convenient, timely, cost effective, and environmentally aware manner. This method ensures that students have access to official communications through a standardized channel.

Official information sent to student wildcat e-mail addresses may include approved notification of university business processes and/or appropriate university, college, or department academic information such as emergency announcements, security information, billing information, confirmation of major change, etc. Alternative methods, (e.g. , US postal mail, website notification) in addition to e-mail, may also be used to communicate official university business.

Assignment of E-mail Accounts

An official e-mail address is assigned by the University to all CSU, Chico currently registered students and admitted students who have submitted an intent to enroll statement.

Redirecting E-mail

Student Wildcat e-mail account holders may elect to redirect (auto forward) messages sent to their CSU, Chico official e-mail address. Those who redirect e-mail from their official address to another address do so at their own risk. Having e-mail lost as a result of redirection does not absolve the account holder from the responsibilities associated with communication sent to their official e-mail address. The University is not responsible for the handling of e-mail by outside vendors or unofficial servers. Privacy of confidential information may be compromised by redirecting an official email account.

Expectations of E-mail Account Holders

Student Wildcat e-mail account holders are expected to check their e-mail frequently to determine if they have received official University communications. Students are responsible for the consequences of not reading official University communications in a timely fashion and are responsible for recognizing that certain communications may be time-critical. Failure to check e-mail, forwarding errors, undeliverable addresses, mailbox full, spam blockers, etc. , are not acceptable reasons for missing official University communications.

Related Policies

  • All use of e-mail will be consistent with other University policies and local, state, and federal law, including The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
  • E-mail addresses are directory information as defined by the University unless a request is made to withhold it. (EM 01-001, University Catalog, University Class Schedule)
  • Policy on Use of Computing and Communications (Acceptable Use Policy) (EM 97-018)
  • Policy on Sexual Harassment (EM 99-020)
  • Policy & Procedures for Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities (EM 99-021)
  • The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (EM 96-038)