Interim Policy for University Facilities Allocation and Use

Executive Memorandum 13-078

November 19, 2013

From: Paul J. Zingg, President
Subject: Interim Policy for University Facilities Allocation and Use

The revised Policy for University Facilities Allocation and Use has been adopted upon the recommendation of the Space Administration Committee. This policy regarding university facilities allocation and use is a consolidation and update of previous policies on this subject and shall supplant those documents. Specifically, this document replaces EM 97-020, and any other policies affecting facilities.


Space is a vital and critical university resource.  The allocation and utilization of space will be conducted in a consistent manner designed to optimize the use of this resource while advancing the mission and strategic priorities of the campus.  Space management and allocation at CSU, Chico will be governed by the following principles:

  1.  Space is a central university resource.  All physical facilities of the university, including General Fund and non-General Fund with the exception of the Bell Memorial Student Union and Wildcat Recreation Center, (managed by the Associated Students), and the Residence Halls (managed by University Housing) will be governed by this policy.
  2. Space will be allocated in a manner that supports the mission and priorities of the university and be deployed in the most effective and efficient manner to best serve programmatic needs and strategic goals.
  3. Space is allocated and can be reassigned.  Although no college, division, department or program “owns” space that has been allocated to it in perpetuity, this policy acknowledges both current use and recognizes that changing curricula, pedagogy, programs and technologies will require a flexible and rational approach to space allocation and reallocation. Accordingly, space assignments will be made to achieve optimal utilization and will be responsive to current and emerging needs.
  4. Responsibility for assignment and reassignment of space will generally follow divisional organizational hierarchy. The ability to assign and reassign space allocated to division is the responsibility of the Space Administration Committee. (SAC) 
  5. Oversight for development and implementation of space management policies and the facilities reservation function and process is the responsibility of SAC.  

Official University Hours

Official university hours are those hours when the majority of university programs are scheduled to occur and when utilities will normally be available without special arrangements or extraordinary cost.  Normal business hours are defined in the Facilities Use Documents.


All university facilities are allocated for supervision, further assignment, use, and/or scheduling purposes under the authority of the President. The President appoints the members of SAC, which are the Vice-Presidents of the following divisions; Academic Affairs, University Advancement, Business and Finance and Student Affairs, and the Chief of Staff.

SAC is established by the President to advise and recommend policy and/or guidelines on matters regarding the short-term and long-term use and allocation of space and facilities. SAC has a broad range of responsibilities relating to the development, management and allocation of both existing and new university space.

Committee responsibilities include:

  1. Development of university space policies and guidelines.  These policies may include cost recovery for the lease of state facilities by non-General Fund units, the leasing of non-University facilities by university departments, the use of campus facilities for grant-related activities, the occasional/event use of facilities by General Fund, non-General Fund organizations or non-university parties, and the use of facilities outside of normal hours and university purposes.
  2. Analysis, review and prioritization of requests for additional space submitted by campus departments/divisions.
  3. Analysis, review and prioritization of allocation of new or renovated space due to opening of new buildings.
  4. Analysis, review and approval of request for reassignment of space.
  5. Review of ad hoc studies to improve space efficiencies and maximum space utilization.
  6. Review and final recommendation to the President on campus submissions of the Major Capital Plans.

Operating Guidelines

  1. Change in the category of space (classroom/ laboratory/administrative, etc.) must be reviewed by the campus planner in Planning Design and Construction (PDC) and recommended for approval by SAC.
  2. Submissions for additional space will be made to the campus planner in PDC for analysis and review. All requests must have the approval of the department head and divisional Vice President. Requests are subsequently forwarded to SAC for final review and approval.
  3. Space vacated by a move, renovation, new construction or programmatic change/reduction is allocated back to the campus for reallocation.
  4. Leasing of university facilities to non-General Fund units or non-university organizations requires approval under guidelines developed and/or approved by SAC.
  5. Exceptions and special cases to established space management and allocation policies will be reviewed and approved by SAC before implementation.