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US Gives Moussaoui Classified Documents by Mistake (Sept 26) (Reuters)
The U.S. government gave 48 classified documents to accused Sept. 11 conspirator  Zacarias Moussaoui by mistake in what the judge
called a grave security breach, according to court records released on Thursday.

Congress Leaders Propose Iraq Attack Text (Sept 26) (Reuters)
Congressional leaders circulated a draft  resolution on Thursday that authorizes the use of military force against Iraq, if the White  House determined further  iplomatic efforts would not adequately protect the United States from threats posed by Baghdad.


The Articles of Incorporation of Pi Sigma Alpha state as one of its purposes "to stimulate scholarship and intelligent interest in political science." The society functions at the national level, sponsoring programs and events of value to the profession and teaching of political science, and at the chapter level. Each chapter is encouraged to provide a framework for enriching the exposure of its members and the wider university community to the study of government and issues of public concern. The goals of PSA are consistent with the aims of the Association of College Honor Societies as set out in the ACHS Booklet of Information. This material provides a good framework for understanding the meaning and value of a political science honor society and its place on an American campus, and makes worthwhile reading.

Pi Sigma Alpha and the Association of College Honor Societies
The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) is the organization linking Pi Sigma Alpha to its 60 sister academic honor societies, both general and specialized. The ACHS requires its members to submit annual reports including budgets and program descriptions, and holds an annual meeting at which the directors of the member societies share ideas on such issues as governance, management, growth, relevance, academic standards and programs.
The member societies of the ACHS range from small (only 28 chapters) to quite large (816 chapters). Pi Sigma Alpha ranks third in size with more than 460 chapters.



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