Helpful Hints to a possible career in Psychology

10 Steps to Graduate School

1. Find an area of interest
2. Research schools, pay attention to application deadlines
3. Make a list of 5-8 graduate schools you like (include their 4 digit school code)
4. Sign up for the GRE test (Maraim Library Rm. 143) 6 months before graduate school application deadlines.*** Can take 6 weeks to receive scores.
5. Take exam and indicate what schools will receive your score.
6. Ask for letters of Recommendation from 3 faculty (at least 2 months before deadline)
7. Give the faculty members a copy of your resume.  Include an extra activity list so they have something to write about.
8. Write your letter of intent (get it corrected for grammar!!!)
9. Summit Applications at least 2 weeks before they are due (remember each
application is different)
10. Relax and wait for acceptance letters.

Websites to help you find a graduate school

Helpful websites for Graduate School searches:

Helpful websites for GRE preparation:

If you know of any others, please contact me and I will add your link to the database.