Community Service Oppurtunities
Event: Faculty Student Bowling
Date/Time: Friday October 13th at 7pm
Place 2397 Esplanase (Orchard Lanes)
Description: Hang out with Psi Chi pals and Proffessors and bowl.

Event: Butte Humane Society Orientation
Date/Time: Saturday October 7th from 2 - 3:30pm
Place 2579 Fair St
Description: The director briefs volunteers about what they will be doing. Gives a short tour of the shelter, if you want you can practice entering animal cages, and the director teaches you how to walk dogs

Event: Butte Humane Society Volunteering
Date/Time: Saturdays at 2:30
Place 2579 Fair St
Description: Go to the shelter and socialize with the animals. You can choose either cats or dogs. You can walk dogs, play with dogs, play with cats, and give them treats.

Event: Halloween Extravaganza
Date/Time: October 27th at 2 - 6pm
Place Boys and Girls Club
Description: Costumes are a must.  We will be running various activities and roaming to ensure we are keeping a safe environment. We could use a bunch of volunteers for this event.

Event: Turkey Time
Date/Time: November 15th at 2 - 6pm
Place Boys and Girls Club
Description: We will be serving over 375 kids and some of their family members a delicious turkey meal with all the works. We could use about 5 volunteers for the actual event. If anyone would like to cook turkeys we will have them to cook, unless you want to donate a turkey.  We provide people and    groups with turkeys (we need about 13 of them) and they cook them for us and bring them in the morning of the event.  We need groups to cook turkeys, because we do not have the capacity to cook 13 turkeys in our small kitchens.