UW - L Student Basic Information Quiz

Let's see how well you know the ins and outs of being a student at UW - La Crosse, and a bit more about the Psychology Major. Take this little quiz, which will not go on any record, but will be submitted to us anonymously.

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  1. How many credits are required to complete the General Education program at UW - L?
  2.   28 30 48 60

  3. How many credits must you have completed before you can graduate from UW - L?
  4.   100 120 125    140

  5. How many credits must you take at the 300/400 level to be eligible for a degree from UW-L?
  6.   28 30     36     40

  7. To which college does the Psychology Department belong?
  8.   College of Science and Allied Health
    College of Liberal Studies
    College of Business Administration
    College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Teacher Education (wow! That’s a mouthful).

  9. Do I need to complete a minor to graduate from UW - L?
  10.   definitely yes
    definitely no
    some colleges require a minor or its equivalent
    it is recommended but not required

  11. How many credits are required in the Psychology Major?

      32 35 38 45

  12. What type of degree can a Psychology Major get from UW - L?

      B.S. B.A. B.S. or B.A.

  13. What is the difference between a B. S. degree and a B.A. degree?

      BS degree is for people who want to study animals, plants or minerals and a BA degree is for everybody else.

    A BS degree stands for Bachelor of Smarts degree and is appropriate for anyone completing the ACT tests; a BA degree stands for Bachelor of Aptitude and is appropriate for anyone completing the SAT test.

    The biggest difference is that a BS degree requires an additional 15 credits of course work at the junior or senior level while a BA degree requires a minimum of 15 internship credit.

    The difference is in General Education requirements: a B.S. degree requires 2 math type courses and two science courses; A B.A. degree requires proficiency in a foreign language (F. L at 202 level), but one math type class and one science class.


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