Welcome to the Advising: General Psychology Tutorial.

This tutorial is required to become a Psychology major at Chico. Along the way, you'll find some forms, surveys, and quizzes--these are required parts of admission to the program.

Steps to becoming a psychology major:

    1. Complete the three tutorials (and submit the I PASSED certificates after each tutorial)

    2. Complete the embedded required forms in the tutorial (you will be prompted to print or "send" these forms), which are:
      1. Chico basic information quiz (web form)
      2. New major information sheet (web form)
      3. Why I want to be a Psych major (web form)
      4. Psychology Course Checklist (print it)
      5. Guidelines for Planning your Major (print it)
        Note: some of these forms are also available at the "Links, forms, and handouts" link at the top of each page.
    3. Make an appointment with one of the Psychology Department advisors. A list of advisors with their contact information and office hours can be picked up at the Psychology Department Office in Modoc 215. *Bring any forms that you printed to this appointment.