University Publication Guide

Campus Editing Process

What is campus editing?

This is a free service provided by Public Affairs and Publications to anyone communicating in print or online as a representative of the University. We do a light edit of publications. We make sure the text is in University style, often including suggestions to improve content and design.

Why do I need it?

It is important for all campus publications—including websites and e-newsletters—to communicate both program distinctiveness and institutional cohesion. This can be achieved by using a framework of consistent language conventions and visual elements. Public Affairs can help you achieve this. We also look for those embarrassing spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors that can happen to anyone.

What items should be looked at by campus editors?

Executive Memorandum 02-96, University Publications requires that all publications “intended for off-campus audiences or wide distribution on campus” be reviewed by Public Affairs and Publications.

How do I submit my items for editing?

Send your Word or pdf documents to Items are edited in the order received—allow a week for us to look at your document. Please let us know about any deadlines you have and whether you would like more substantial writing or design suggestions. And remember that project stakeholders should do a final proofreading prior to publication.

For more information or questions, email