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Editor's Note

By Marion Harmon

Two Roads Diverged …

As Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” reminds us, we make choices about which path to follow. This issue explores the paths chosen by a few people close to CSU, Chico.

When a broken ankle cut short Paul Zingg’s collegiate athletic career, he chose a path in higher education. We follow his journey from childhood through his academic career to his latest challenge: president of CSU, Chico.

Alum Khaled Dudin, an Arab and a Muslim, spent 15 years in Chico. Choosing a path “less traveled by,” he is now a combat medic for the U.S. army in Iraq, and he finds himself in several new roles—battalion interpreter, tribal negotiator, and liaison with the Iraqi police.

When Janja Lalich joined the Democratic Workers Party in the 1970s, she hoped to make the world a better place. What she didn’t anticipate was the way in which this choice would change her life. Now a sociology professor at CSU, Chico, Lalich uses what she learned from her experiences as a cult member and her in-depth research to help others understand why people follow cult leaders.

I hope you enjoy reading these diverse stories, and I encourage you to send your own stories to