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Fall 2006
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Editor’s Note

What a Feeling!

Fall 2005 Cover, Photo by Thomas Del Brase

By Marion Harmon

I noticed an interesting phenomenon when interviewing students about the community service they have become involved with while at CSU, Chico. The moment they began talking about their volunteer work, their eyes lit up, they sat up straighter, and their words came much faster. Whether it was talking about sororities helping high school girls pick out donated prom dresses or explaining how a Make-a-Wish fund-raiser helped make dreams come true for local children, the students became as animated as if they were talking about winning the lottery.

Elissa Moody, vice president of philanthropy and community service for the Panhellenic Council, says there are many reasons for student organizations to be involved with community service, among them teaching students that the world doesn’t revolve around them. “That’s why I love community service, because you are so blatantly reminded that your world is not just you,” notes Moody. “Other people out there have needs and desires, and you can help them. What a great feeling!”

That feeling is experienced thousands of times a year in the greater community, both by the student volunteers and those who benefit from their hard work.

“Every kid deserves to smile, no matter what,” says student volunteer Jorge Jimenez, and it’s clear that he is committed to making that happen as often as he can. Performing volunteer work during the college years enhances students’ commitment to social activism and involvement in the community after college, according to a study by the Higher Education Research Institute. After reading the articles in this issue on student service organizations, I think you’ll see that Chico students are well on their way to a lifelong commitment to their communities.