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Summer 2007
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Still loves Chico State

I graduated from Chico State on June 9, 1970, and my son has attended the past six years. The school looks much the same with additions that blend in to the present beauty and elegance of the original structures. Much has changed, but pleasantly much is the same. The school is still known as a party school, although it is no more of a party school than many other schools. All of us graduates know that to get a degree, hard work is needed.

To this day I love Chico State for what it gave me in and out of the classroom. It represented my first break from my parents and allowed me to grow intellectually and in character. I went on to get my master’s degree in social work and have been successfully working ever since my completion of the master’s program in 1972. My professional work life is due to my success at Chico State.

Over the years, I have talked with many graduates of Chico State, and I never get a negative comment about the location or academics provided by the college. We who have attended over the many years know that one of our important starts in life happened in college in Chico.

—Robert S. Morillas (BS, Social Welfare, ’70)

Another Golden Gate alum

After reading your article “Preserving the Golden Gate” (summer 2008), I was inspired to write you this note and let you know that I too am a Chico State alum working every day in the Presidio. I am an infant teacher in the Presidio Child Development Center (CDC), a school inspired by the early educators of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Our school is part of the San Francisco Unified School District.

Our identity as a school has been built upon the value we place on our location. Our sense of place in the park inspires children and teachers to use the park as an out-of-doors classroom and incorporate nature into a great deal of our curriculum. For more information, see our Web site,

Just this summer I had a joyful reunion with Cindy Ratekin, faculty of Chico State’s Child Development Program, when we both were attending the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance Summer Conference. It was in our reflections that I came to really appreciate the foundation of my knowledge gained at Chico State, which has made me the person—the professional—I am today.

I feel I am in good company with Chico State alums Terry, Allison, Abby Sue, and Cody in that we all have the Presidio and the Chico State experience in our lives.

—Christine Carducci (BA, Child Development, ’92)

More campus history

I’m a 1938 graduate of Chico State, so I’m on the receiving end of much that is sent out by the University. I’m writing in regard to “The Campus Trinity” (summer 2008).

My association with Chico State precedes the building of those three buildings: Trinity Hall, Kendall Hall, and Laxson Auditorium. I attended the Chico Training School (eight grades) that was located just east of Kendall Hall. It was a three-story building, after the English Tudor style. I have no pictures of it and have tried to locate some. Even John Nopel could not show me any.

My other connection to Chico buildings is with Louis Brouchoud [a partner in a Chico architecture firm that designed many local landmarks], who was a neighbor when that family lived on Woodland Avenue across from Bidwell Park. His daughter Muriel (Peppy) and I grew up together.

If you look at their home, which he built, there is (or was) a small emblem that he often put on the structures that he built. The one that I’ve seen recently was on the building on the corner of Main and 8th streets. There may be others that I’m not aware of at this time.

When the fire destroyed the original Chico State huge building, I was attending Chico Training School. I remember how the Chico State (male) students were encouraged to knock off the old cement of the bricks from the burned building so they could be used to build the new Administration building (now Kendall Hall).

Linden School on 7th Street (now the administration building for Chico schools) was supposed to be built for eighth graders, but because of the Depression, only half of it was built, for only four grades. It was never completed, and to my eyes, it looks “half done.”

Trinity Hall was built as the library for Chico State. The original librarian, Alice Anderson (a friend), used to complain to me that this was a poor design for a library. She complained about the lighting, not in keeping with a real library!
I enjoyed reading your article and looking at the pictures. May you find other places of interest to write about in the Chico locale.

—Mrs. Araks (Vartabedian) Tolegian (AB, Education and Credential, ’38)

Fond Memories of Meriam Library

Meriam Library staff, 1959
From left to right, first row: F. Poetker, H. Herrick, D. Wood, B. Collier, H. Rozell. Second row: E. Dunton, R. Dinsmore.
Meriam Library librarians, 1959
From left to right, first row: Winifred Linquist, Mary Adams, Alice Phillips. Second row: Grant Skelly, M.G. (Jiggs) Hodnette Jr., Reeder Schenck, Norris Bleyhl, Harry Clark, Henry Eng.

Recently I received a batch of old photos, two of which are of the Chico State library staff in 1959. I worked in the library from 1954 until my graduation in 1957, then went to work for the Chico E-R, and back to the Chico State library from 1958 to 1959. It was during my second tenure that we had group photos made.

—Florene Poetker Kunder (AB, Language Arts, ’57)