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Summer 2007
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Fall 2009 Cover

It may be a book-nerd thing to say, but I love the acknowledgements in books. I read them not so much for the acknowledgement of the publishing professionals, but for the part that’s usually at the end—the colleagues, family, and friends, “without whom this book would have been much poorer,” to steal a phrase out of an anthology I just finished.

When I read that phrase, it reminded me of all the people who make Chico State a special place. There are the alumni—many of whom maintain connections with their alma mater in one form or another, through repeat visits, talking with students who call for donations, attending sports events, or mentoring current students.

There are the friends of the University, who often work tirelessly on behalf of the continued success of Chico State—on boards, in meetings with corporate executives and nonprofits that are potential partners of the University, offering advice to campus leaders to help us strengthen our programs. And of course there are the students, staff, faculty, and community members who keep Chico State vibrant.

One of Chico State’s many good friends is Connie Eccles, who moved to Chico in 2001 from the Bay Area and started attending performances of the Chico Symphony, now the North State Symphony. She says it is a “delight to live in a town with CSU, Chico, with the symphony and other cultural events.”

Connie has supported the North State Symphony in many ways, including serving on the symphony guild and board, hosting events, and making charitable contributions. “For me, listening to classical music is a spiritual experience that adds much to my life,” says Connie. “One advantage to living in a community like Chico is that one is able to meet the conductor in person. At pre-concert talks, maestro Kyle Wiley Pickett makes the music come alive even before the concert.”

It is particularly in these challenging times that we see with more clarity the many special relationships that make the Chico Experience so rich. Thank you, friends of Chico State, for the many ways you make this a great place to be.