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Summer 2007
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From left to right: Paula (Schmid) Demanuel (BA, English, 73), Cheryl (Montgomery) Kondrat (BA, Speech, 73), Laurie (Bourke) Goodman (BA, Geography, 73), Noeline (Hayward) Elexis (BA, American Studies, 73), Scarlet (Martinez) Iacopetti (BA, Physical Education, 73; Credential, 74), Judy (Weber) Yakel (BA, Psychology, 73), Valarie Hing (BA, Physical Education, 73; Credential, 74), and Ginny (Ward) Linquist (attended 7274).

That ’70s Reunion

“We look forward to our annual spirited gatherings,” says SCARLET (MARTINEZ) IACOPETTI of her informal reunions with fellow CSU, Chico grads. For the past 12 years, she and seven other 1970s alums have gotten together in various locations in California. Last year’s gathering was in Napa and Sonoma (see photo).