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African American Alumni Reunite

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Bob Linscheid, 1976, Chico

Vice President
Glen O. Toney, 1966, Palo Alto

Robert Kittredge, 1969, Woodland

Lance Tennis, 1964, Forest Ranch

Valhalla Chair
Jeff Finck, 1982, Redding

University President
Manuel A. Esteban, Chico

Faculty Representative
Curtis DeBerg, Chico

A.S. President
Jeff Iverson, Chico

Steve Beckley, 1971, Woodland
Natalie Birk, 1982, Washington, D.C.
Jim Branham, 1977, Carmichael
Jane Dolan, Chico
Maureen Dunn, 1968, Hilton Head Island, SC
Heidi Hannaman, 1998, Sacramento
Glenn Hawes, 1964, Palo Cedro
Anne Hermes, 1963, Forest Ranch
Ted Howard, 1968, Larchmont, NY
Sheryl Lange, 1966, Chico
David Little, 1985, Chico
Barbara Marsh, 1985, Chico
Betty Porter, 1950, Chico
Debbie Rider, 1981, Encinitas
Thaddeus Salter, 1988, San Jose
Michael Strand, 1967, Sugar Land, TX
Tamilee Webb, 1980, Rancho Sante Fe
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Alumni Chapters and Clubs

African American Alumni Reunion
Billie Jackson

Bill Spriggs

Thom Tanner

For information on organizing an alumni chapter or club, please contact the alumni office.
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Upcoming Alumni Events and Reunions

March 9 Sacramento Chapter Brewery Tour and Mixer
April 9 Third Annual New York City/East Coast Reunion
April 27 Associated Students Reunion Lunch*
April 27 Distinguished Alumni Dinner
April 28 Alumni Association Annual Board Meeting
May 4 Behind the Scenes at The Will Rogers' Follies
May 12 Political Science/CLIC Reunion
May 26–June 4 Alumni Travel Program—Passages to China
July 8 Chico Alumni Day at Pac Bell Park: San Francisco Giants vs. Milwaukee Brewers—Sponsored by the Sacramento Chapter
September 6 Third Annual Sacramento Chapter Golf Tournament

For more information, please call the alumni office at 530-898-6472.

*Date tentative. Call the A.S. office at 530-898-5701 for more information.

This summer, Court Theatre celebrates its 35th anniversary. If you are interested in helping plan a Court Theatre reunion, please call Gail Holbrook at 530-898-5130 or e-mail

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