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Spring 2006
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Editor’s Note

Fall 2005 Cover

By Marion Harmon

Chico Alums Are Special

On the back cover of the fall issue, we included a photo of CAVE volunteers from the late 1970s and asked you to help us identify them. Quite a few readers responded, identifying people and sharing stories about their work with CAVE. Not only were some alums reminded of their time at Chico State, some also reconnected with former classmates with our help.

Chico Statements is all about sharing news of the University and its many alums, and when we can help make connections between readers, that’s even better. There are so many interesting stories about the fascinating lives that many of our alums lead—helping others in need, creating amazing art and buildings and science, traveling far and wide, and generally using the knowledge, skills, and values they gained at Chico State to make an impact on the world.

That’s why we’ve added a third annual issue of the magazine, which will be sent to you in the summer. With three issues a year, we’ll be able to include more stories about Chico State—what’s happening on campus and with those who once spent some time here.