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Summer 2007
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The Greening of Chico Statements

Summer 2007 Cover

At Chico State, we’re all about being green. In fact, it’s one of the University’s six strategic priorities. Some of the ways our campus reduces its ecological footprint include implementing energy-conservation practices, constructing sustainable buildings, and conducting environmental audits.

As new technology permits, we have also been working on reducing the eco-footprint of Chico Statements. For example, for many years the magazine has been printed on 10 percent postconsumer recycled fiber paper. Now, with the help of our new printer, RR Donnelley, and printer representative Sommer Carter, who also happens to be a Chico State alum (BA, Liberal Studies, ’00), we have switched from 10 percent postconsumer recycled fiber paper to 30 percent, at no extra cost.

This change will save many resources, including about 115 trees and 42,000 gallons of water, and will reduce carbon emissions associated with printing by about 10,000 pounds. We also have switched from petroleum-based ink to printing with ink containing soy and vegetable oils, an alternative that, among other things, has fewer hazardous byproducts and makes it easier to recycle paper.

We will be working this summer on improving the Web presence of this magazine, creating a better balance between the print and online versions and adding exciting new features. Please send your suggestions to—we’d like to know what changes you’d like to see in the magazine.