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Summer 2007
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Touring the Wide, Wonderful World

When Mike Lawrence’s girlfriend, Cari St. Aubin, asked if he wanted to quit his job and tour the country by bike, he simply replied, “Sure.” Four continents and nearly 10,000 miles later, Lawrence (BS, Construction Management, ’06) and St. Aubin find themselves biking through the olive groves of southern Spain, blogging their adventures, and making plans to extend their bike tour of the world indefinitely.

Though both had steady jobs in 2009, when St. Aubin proposed the trip, they realized there was no better time to realize their dreams. They began saving—forgoing heat and haircuts, selling their car and television—and on June 7, 2010, they left their home in Woodside to bike around the world.

They began by biking across the United States. After a quick stop at Niagara Falls and a less-than-luxurious boat tour of the Galapagos Islands, the pair flew to mainland South America. They biked along the western coast through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina, all the way to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in South America, also known as “the end of the world.”

From there, Lawrence and St. Aubin flew to Japan, where they experienced the catastrophic March 11 earthquake while picking up their luggage at Narita International Airport. They were stranded at the airport with thousands of other travelers for four days, sleeping on the floor, eating provisions of Ritz crackers and canned bread, and trying to rise above the fear of continual aftershocks and potential nuclear disaster.

Luckily, they were able to board a plane to Portugal, where they spent time recuperating and adjusting their plans. Though they have already been on the road for a year, Lawrence and St. Aubin plan to extend their tour to explore the rest of Europe, New Zealand, and Canada.

“There is still a lot of the world to see,” says Lawrence, “and seeing from behind the handlebars of a bicycle takes awhile.”

Katie Mills, Public Affairs and Publications

Follow along with Lawrence and St. Aubin—they chronicle their travels at their regularly updated blog, Life on a Bike, at