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Summer 2007
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Editor’s Note

Summer 2007 Cover

By Marion Harmon

Welcome to the first summer issue of Chico Statements! We’re excited to bring you more stories that showcase people and programs of our campus.

One article profiles dedicated students who worked at KCSC Radio, and it reminds us that many Chico State students feel connected to special programs on campus. If you have a fond memory about a program or project that meant a lot to you, send us a note.

We want our pages filled with lively, up-to-date stories about Chico alums. Let us know if you got a great promotion or backpacked in the Sierras or reunited with classmates in Hawaii. Tell us about your unique Web sites and fun blogs. Share photos of your honeymoon or wedding anniversary. We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll publish your news in the next issue.