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Summer 2007
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A Spirit of Service and Goodness
Paul Zingg presented senior Danielle Casal with the Glenn Kendall Public Service Award in April. Among her many service activities, Casal volunteered with elder residents at WindChime and provided environmental education to low-income junior high students.

We acknowledge not only the obligation of service, but also the value of service to others in defining institutional character and measuring institutional performance.

These words from the Values Statement in the University’s updated Strategic Plan are echoed throughout the pages of this issue of Chico Statements. To be sure, every issue of this publication conveys the story of a university that lives this value through reporting the generosity and civic engagements of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends. Indeed, among the most gratifying observations of the team from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which visited the campus this spring for our 10-year reaccreditation review, was their recognition that “the Chico experience” is a real phenomenon and its expressions include a palpable spirit of service and goodness. This issue, though, pays particular attention to some extraordinary members of our University family who are living and defining “the Chico experience.”

In my Commencement remarks this year, I urged our graduates to “embrace the example of the many among you who helped with the Hurricane Katrina recovery; who raised funds and hopes for the children of cancer victims; who devoted countless hours of service to the Chico Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, a cleaner environment, and a sustainable future; who tutored the less fortunate, provided company to the lonely, and fed the hungry. Examples like these not only reflect a generous community, but also reveal that you and I, and all peoples, even the weakest and least advantaged among us, share a common humanity and potential for goodness.” We acknowledge the obligation of service at Chico State because we recognize our responsibility to foster hope in others.

This is what alumnus Patrick Murphy has been doing in Africa with Doctors Without Borders. This is what staff members Tray Robinson and David Miller did as they cycled from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June with the annual AIDS/LifeCycle to raise awareness and funds. This is what Professor Kimi Nomura did when he cut off his glorious 38-inch-long hair for Locks of Love, which helps provide hairpieces to cancer victims. This is what guides kinesiology graduate student Skye Dunn as he walks, skates, and dribbles a basketball across the country to promote physical education to help stem the childhood obesity epidemic in America. This is what propels Chico State senior Stephanie Marshall on her bike ride to Chicago this summer to raise funds for Ugandan orphans. This is what inspired the University’s good friend Nancy Hodges, who not only established a generous charitable trust to benefit the Department of Psychology and School of Social Work, but also funded CADEC’s 21st-birthday card program to honor her daughter.

All these activities and commitments help form the community that is Chico State—a community with an animating spirit to serve others and to do so generously. Because we cherish these qualities, we acknowledge the heroes and good citizens among us who bring out the best in us. Enjoy these stories and take pride in our University.

—Paul J. Zingg, President