For four out of five years, CSU, Chico’s student newspaper, The Orion, has won the prestigious Associated Collegiate Press’ national Pacemaker award; it was also named the 1998 Newspaper of the Year by the Associated Collegiate Press.

For the most recent report period, our graduate Speech Pathology students passed the national speech pathology certification exam at an average of 92 percent, outperforming students from the most prestigious U.S. universities.

A team of five Civil Engineering students won the 1998 Mid Pacific Region American Institute of Steel Construction Steel Bridge Competition in April. They also won the Structural Engineers Association of Central California Design Contest in May 1998 for designing and building an A-shaped, five-by-fifteen foot, steel and wood structure in a timed assembly.

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering students placed first in two spring 1998 national contests: the Human Powered Vehicle competition, sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, for the design and construction of the Mocha III, a bicycle that ranked first in road race, second in design competition, and third in sprint races; and the Manufacturing Challenge at WESTEC ’98 for the design of a hydro-chair lift that carries people in and out of swimming pools.


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