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Photo: Student racing cardboard seaworthy vesselFloat Your Boat

It's a wacky concept: race across a swimming pool in a refrigerator-box boat held together with tape. On March 8, five teams of university housing students were given an hour and a half to construct a seaworthy, one-person vessel, using only cardboard and tape. Dirk Vanderloop, University Village faculty-in-residence, created the race a few years ago. “It's great to see people using their ingenuity and energy to have fun making things out of 'trash,'” he said, pointing out the earth-friendly “reuse” of the boxes. Rick David, University Village resident advisor, helped coordinate the event.

Students Are Peer Educators

CADEC (Campus Alchohol and Drug Education Center) received a two-year grant from the Office of Traffic Safety to carry out social norming and promote “Don't drink and drive” messages. CADEC's peer educators completed the National Peer Education Certification program in February 2003. CADEC has participated in the “Wanna Know?” program, an alcohol breathalyzer awareness and social norming program designed to give students accurate information about their own and their peers' substance use. It is based on successful programs at other universities that have reduced drinking. Each spring CADEC involves the Greek community and other campus organizations in a “Fun Without Alcohol” event that brings more than 1,000 schoolchildren on campus to participate in a day filled with games and education.

Hands-On Service and Learning

CAVE (Community Action Volunteers in Education) has been serving the Chico community since 1966. The CAVE student staff is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the nonprofit service organization which places 1,800 volunteers in programs for children, hospitals, seniors, adult literacy groups, and more. Staff positions provide hands-on learning coupled with academic courses. Recreation professor Laura McLachlin described the CAVE experience: “CAVE extends the classroom learning experience and challenges students to apply skills and techniques to real-life situations. Students gain the skills and knowledge that most students don't acquire until they have been out in the working world for at least two to three years.”

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