Achieving Excellence
at California State University, Chico

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Each of these students received an award at the 2003-2004 University Awards Reception honoring student achievements and contributions to student life. Clockwise beginning at top: Michael Dailey, Associated Students President, received the College of Communication and Education Outstanding Student Award; Kathleen Reid received the Outstanding Service to Student Government Award; MA Azhari Wasi received the Outstanding CAVE Volunteer Award; Sonia Robles received the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Outstanding Student Award; Teresa Berg received the President’s Award as the senior with the highest grade point average; Chris Williams represented Men of Honor Black History Awareness Program, which received the Enhancement of Multicultural Understanding Award.

Extraordinary things happen and wonderful journeys occur at CSU, Chico. The successes described in this brochure are a result of the student-centered and high-quality learning environments we have created. The dedication of our faculty and staff ensures that student success is the most important measure of the university’s

–Paul J. Zingg
President, California State University, Chico

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