Achieving Excellence
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Faculty Successes

Robotics Camp

Summer Robotics Camp for Junior High Girls

Professors Benjoe Juliano and Renee Renner from the Department of Computer Science, and Ramesh Varahamurti from the Mechatronic Engineering faculty were awarded a $346,000 National Science Foundation Grant to start an Intelligent Systems Laboratory. The grant funding covers robotics equipment, robotics classes for computer science and engineering students, and partial funding for a summer robotics camp for junior high girls for three years.

Historian Named Outstanding Professor

Professor Laird M. Easton, Department of History, was named Outstanding Professor for 2003–2004, the highest honor awarded to faculty at CSU, Chico. The Faculty Recognition and Support Committee recommends the recipient from a pool of high-achieving faculty nominated by their colleagues. Easton received the honor for his scholarly research and writing, which resulted in the highly acclaimed The Red Count: The Life and Times of Harry Kessler; his high-quality teaching; and his dedicated mentoring of graduate students.

Linguist Selected as Outstanding Teacher

Professor Sara Trechter, Department of English, was selected by the Faculty Recognition and Support Committee as the 2003–2004 Outstanding Teacher. Trechter received her Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Kansas in 1995. Her fields of specialization include Native American languages with an emphasis in Siouan languages, gender and language, and comparative/historical linguistics.

Political Scientist Heads to Latvia on Fulbright

Professor Donna Kemp, Department of Political Science, received a Fulbright Fellowship for Eurofaculty. She taught two courses at the University of Latvia in Riga in August 2004 and continued her research on health. Kemp’s fields of expertise are public policy, particularly health, mental health, and disaster policies.

Rich RosecrancePomologist Receives Fulbright Fellowship

Fruit production expert Rich Rosecrance, College of Agriculture, received a Fulbright Fellowship to South Africa. He will carry out research and teach classes in pomology (fruit production) in Stellenbosch, South Africa for 10 months beginning in July 2004. Rosecrance will teach the physiology of fruit production to help students understand the biology and management of orchard systems and how to improve environmental health.

Health Services Administrator is Top Adviser

Richard Narad, Department of Health and Community Services, received an Outstanding Advising Award at the 2004 National Academic Advising Association meeting. Narad was also honored as an outstanding project director by the Office of Sponsored Programs for the eight project awards totaling $574,469 he has received in the past three years. His research focuses on public policy related to the planning, implementation, and management of emergency medical service systems.

Tying Knots with the Big Guys

Thomas Mattman and Colin Gallagher, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, have received a three-year, $200,000 National Science Foundation grant to provide research experiences for undergraduates and teachers. Each summer for three years, six undergraduate students and two high school math teachers will visit the campus to do research with mathematics professors. In 2004, the focus of the program was knot theory. In coming summers, students will work on problems in number theory, statistics, mathematical modeling, and dynamic geometry.

Worldwide SAP Alliance

Roy Boykin, associate dean of the College of Business, has been a member of the leadership team for the college’s partnership with SAP since its beginning in 1995, and is currently the director of the program. SAP AG, the world’s leading enterprise software company, works with universities to develop and implement cutting-edge information technology curriculum, bringing state-of-the-art IT to the classroom.

Lifetime Achievement in Nutrition

Professor Faye Johnson, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, was presented with the 2004 Presidential Mentoring Award for Lifetime Achievement for Shaping the Future of Dietetics from the California Dietetics Association. Suzanna Nye, CDA president and a former student of Johnson’s, presented the award.

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