Achieving Excellence
at California State University, Chico

University Alums

Joseph Hilbe (1968, BA Philosophy) is a solar system ambassador who helps the public get excited about space for the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology. He is emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Hawaii and adjunct professor of statistics at Arizona State University. Hilbe has written for philosophy and statistics publications and books, and serves on the editorial boards of five academic journals.

Rola Dashti (1984, BS Agricultural Business) serves in the Kuwait Parliament. She was one of four women elected on May 17, 2009—the first women ever to win seats in the assembly. She is an economist with a doctorate in population economics from Johns Hopkins University and has long been an advocate for gender equality and democratic reform in Kuwait.

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi (1981, BS Computer Science) is minister of foreign trade for the United Arab Emirates. She was one of the first women in the U.A.E. to obtain a technology degree. Sheikha Lubna was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 and named one the 100 most influential women in the world by Forbes magazine in 2007.

Amy Zelson Mundorff (1999, MA Anthropology) spent five years as a forensic anthropologist in the office of the New York City Medical Examiner. She was a 9/11 survivor who worked on the World Trade Center Identification Team. She identified victims of American Airlines flight 587 crash and the 2004 tsunami in Thailand.

Charles Scibetta (1991, BA Information and Communication Studies) is the senior director of corporate communication at Nintendo. He drives company communication strategies, oversees the internal communications team, serves as a Nintendo spokesman, and spearheads media message creation.

Andre Levingston (attended 1987–1989) is director of business development for the Premier Basketball League in Canada. He heads franchise expansion and team development. Levingston is also the president and CEO of the Halifax Rainmen, a team that made its debut in November 2007.

From the halls of Congress to corporate boardrooms, from exploring outer space to taking on Hollywood, Chico alums have made outstanding contributions in their fields. We are proud of their accomplishments and grateful for the way many mentor the graduates who follow. Those listed on the left represent only a few of many accomplished alums.