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Student researchers Kyle Almlie and Joe Wise get real-life lessons in biodiesel production with chemistry professor Lisa Ott.

Geoscientist and Alum Research Mercury in Fish Jerky

David Brown, Geological and Environmental Sciences chair, collaborated with alumna Jane Hightower, MD, on a study of mercury levels in fish jerky. They published a paper on their findings, “Mercury Concentrations in Fish Jerky Snack Food: Marlin, Ahi, and Salmon” in Environmental Health, Vol. 10, October 2011.

Professor Collaborates with BP

Erik Wasinger, Chemistry and Biochemistry, received $91,100 from British Petroleum to determine the unique properties that make several new molecules viable as catalytic materials. Wasinger also received a 2011–2012 Professional Achievement Honor for his work as a teacher/scholar.

Listening to Ocean Waves at Reserve

Four microphones installed at Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve (BCCER) that detect the ocean’s natural frequency were part of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-funded collaboration with UC San Diego. Jeff Mott, director of BCCER, and Brendon Armstrong, field support assistant (who passed away in summer 2011), assisted with installation and maintenance.

Professors Publish Vernal Pool Research

Douglas Alexander, professor emeritus, Biological Sciences, and Robert Schlising, professor emeritus, Biological Sciences, had Research and Recovery in Vernal Pool Landscapes published by Studies from the Herbarium, CSU, Chico (December 2011).

Chemist Works for Army Corps of Engineers

In spring 2011, Larry Kirk, Chemistry, worked with the Environmental Microbiology team in the Environmental Laboratory at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Professor Receives Sustainability Award

David Brown, Geological and Environmental Sciences, received the 2012 Paul Persons Sustainability Award at the seventh annual This Way to Sustainability Conference for integrating sustainability concepts into his curriculum.

‘Get Moving’ Offers a New Kind of PE

Cindy Wolff, Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion, received a $623,863 grant from the U.S. Department of Education Physical Education Program for “Get Moving South County”, a program to enhance physical education programs and reduce obesity rates in Oroville and Palermo schools. Directed by Michele Buran, Get Moving provides teachers with professional development.

Science Education gets Boost

David Kagan, Science Education and Physics, Jennifer Oloff-Lewis, Education, and Brandi Aranguren, Center for Math and Science Education director, received $749,600 from the National Science Foundation for Teaching Excellence in Math and Science Scholars II, 2012–2017.


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