Graphic Standards


Graphic standards create visual consistency. They are not intended to standardize publications or limit creative expression. A clear graphic identity for CSU, Chico does several things:

  • helps readers quickly identify CSU, Chico in publications
  • prevents confusion stemming from various type and logo uses
  • sends a message of university cohesiveness
  • enhances the University's image as a prestigious institution

For more information about graphic identity, contact the University's creative director, Alan Rellaford.

Seals & Logos

University Seal 

The university seal depicts Kendall and Trinity Halls. It is not to be altered in any way or used smaller than 1.25 inches across.

The Latin "ARS PROBAT ARTIFICEM" means "Art is the test of the artisan."

University FlameThe flame logo, shown here, may be used in publications in lieu of the seal. It is not to be altered in any way or used smaller than 0.25 inch across.

The Wildcat logo is reserved for use by Athletics and the Alumni Association.

More information about downloading university logos for use on the web can be found here.

For all university logos and seals used in printed publications, be sure to use print-quality images. Contact Ron Linzy in Creative Media and Technology with your requests.


Today Decides Tomorrow is the university slogan. It can be published in type or shown as a graphic depicting the brick detail work from above the door of Kendall Hall.


See the university photo policy for information about taking new photos or acquiring existing photos.