A publication for the faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of California State University, Chico
May 12, 2005 Volume 35 / Number 8


Staff Employee of the Year

Claudia Beaty, who works in the Department of History, was named the 2004 Outstanding Staff at the Staff Awards Luncheon on Thursday, April 21. President Paul J. Zingg made these remarks as he introduced her: “Claudia Beaty is a person of honesty and integrity, someone dedicated to students, giving them her undivided attention and genuine concern, and is held in high esteem by every member of the department.”

In his nomination, Chair James Matray said, “Claudia has devoted her life to making the history department a center of excellence at Chico State. She is a tireless worker, arriving at her desk each day at 7:30 am and often remaining on the job until after 5:00 pm. Claudia treats every department challenge and problem as her own—and resolves them all! Truth be told, Claudia is constantly available to care for the varied needs of students, faculty, and a host of other people. Without her, faculty could not succeed in their primary mission of meeting students’ needs. Claudia deserves the most credit for maintaining the high-quality learning environment in the history department.”

Heather Claiborn, student receptionist, wrote, “Claudia is helpful, gracious, and understanding while still conveying her expectation of hard work. She has made working in the history department the best job I have ever had. She always seems to have energy and productive vigor.”

Faculty member Jeanne Lawrence contributed, “Claudia knows CSU, Chico not only from the perspective of an employee, but also from the students’ perspective. She has earned two BA’s here and continues to take classes each semester (she is now working toward an MA in history!). She not only understands but participates in the educational enterprise that is our mission.”

Claudia has served on the Employee of the Year Committee twice, on at least 10 hiring committees, and on the Faculty and Staff Policies Committee. She administers the department’s Needy Family Program, donates to the Staff Council Blood Drive, and staffed the phones on the KCHO Public Radio Pledge Drive.

Michael Magliari, faculty, wrote, “She is absolutely indispensable to the history department. Claudia bridges all factions in our department, and is counted as a friend and colleague by all. She is our number one unifying force.”

Karen Nissen, faculty, wrote, “Since there is yet no award for outstanding human being, I sincerely hope Claudia is selected the Employee of the Year.”

—Ann Schwab, Chair of the Staff Council