A publication for the faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of California State University, Chico
November 10, 2005 Volume 36 / Number 3


Photos from Mechoopda Signing Ceremony

Photos by Jeff Teeter

Mechoopda ceremonial headdress made from flicker feathers

A crowd filled Trinity 100 for the Guiding Principles signing ceremony.

Steve Santos and Greg White, director, Archaeological Research
Program, who served as liaison between tribal representatives and the University.

Steve Santos and Paul J. Zingg

From left: Steve Santos, Mechoopda Tribal Chairman;
Dennnis Graham, vice president of Business and Finance;
President Paul Zingg; Scott McNall, provost and vice president of
Academic Affairs; Arlene Ward, tribal member; Greg Francis,
executive dean and director of Facilities Planning; Paulita Hopper,
tribal member; Sandra Knight, tribal member; Barbara Rose,
vice chairperson, Mechoopda Tribe.

Dennis Graham, vice president for Business and Finance;
Greg Francis, executive dean and director of Facilities Planning

Carl Delgado’s descendents from left (see story below): Juanita
Thomas, granddaughter;> Jillian Thomas, great granddaughter;
Marcus Ortero, great grandson; Carlene Conway, daughter; Fred
Delgado, son; Matt Hopper, great grandson; Jolynn Delgado,
granddaughter; Courtney Ortero, great granddaughter; Natasha
Pacheco, great granddaughter holding Anastasia Pacheco,
great-great granddaughter; Paulita Hopper,
granddaughter. Photo by Antoinette Martinez.


Carl Delgado, First CSU, Chico Graduate of the Mechoopda Tribe

Carl Delgado, 1912-1972, graduated from Chico State in 1939 as a star football player and an active member of the student body.

He was the son of Martha Silvers, whose grandmother was Lady Mary Pullisa. Lady Mary's picture hangs in the Bidwell mansion, where she worked for Annie Bidwell. Delgado excelled in varsity football during his years attending Chico State. He was an all-conference center and was recognized for his talent in 1967, when he was selected as one of the team of the century for the centennial of the team. He was inducted, posthumously, into the hall of fame in 1987. He was active in track and the a cappella choir, in which he was a tenor soloist in 1939. He was the pioneer sheriff for Pioneer Days in 1936.

Delgado had a 31-year career as a teacher and coach at Round Valley High School and then at Lower Lake High School, where he had a gymnasium named after him. He was known as an inspiring teacher. He narrated a film, “Roots to Cherish,” to encourage young American Indians to value their culture.