A publication for the faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of California State University, Chico
March 9, 2006 Volume 36 / Number 6


Meet New Faculty

From Industry to Academe

Daniel Clark is professor of chemistry, College of Natural Sciences. He earned a BS in biology and a minor in chemistry from CSU, Chico in 1997. He earned his PhD in biochemistry from Utah State University. Clark worked as a research and development staff scientist and supervisor at Stratagene, a company that creates technology for science researchers, before coming back to Chico.

Why did you trade in academics for the industry side of biochemistry? I thought working in the industry would let me see more elements of biochemistry - like business and marketing - than strictly academic research would have. Plus, when I graduated from Utah I wanted to do something different. My advisor was pushing me to stay in academics, but I've always been one who doesn't go down the traditional path.

What made you decide to return to academics and come to Chico State again? Although industry can be very exciting, from the science side of things, I was working on other people's projects instead of my own. I also wanted job stability - I have a wife and two kids. Empowering the next generation of students, and being able to let them know what working in industry is really like, also appealed to me.

What has changed about Chico since you were an undergraduate? A major change that I have noted since I was an undergraduate is the increased emphasis on faculty professional development. This means that new faculty in the college of natural science are now expected to take part in research programs and publish scholarly articles. Previously, as I understand it, professional development was encouraged but not requisite.

—Stephanie Miles