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February 15, 2007 Volume 37 / Number 5


Everybody Loves a Newborn

First Calf for Organic Dairy

First Calf for Organic Dairy

The College of Agriculture recently saw the birth of the first calf, Baby Bell, at the certified organic dairy facility at the University Farm (officially The Paul L. Byrne Agricultural Teaching and Research Center or ATRC). Many more calves are expected over the next three months.

The college plans to expand the seasonal, pasture-based dairy to 100 jersey cows over the course of the next several years, creating a unique educational center and reflecting the campus commitment to sustainability. In keeping with the philosophy that students learn by doing, the dairy is managed by a team of students who will be responsible for all aspects of organic dairy production, including cow health, milk quality, records management, pasture management, budgeting, and marketing. The Organic Valley milk cooperative will purchase the milk from the University Farm until a process is in place for supplying campus, said Cindy Daley, Animal Science.

The local agricultural community is very excited about the dairy, said Daley. A new program called “Cows Go to College” demonstrates the level of community support. Each organic dairy in this area is donating a female to the dairy, which will total about 10 females with a market value of $2,700 each.

The campus community can see the calves and tour the new facility at an open house celebrating the new dairy April 26, 10 am–2 pm. There will be organic cheese and milk tasting, a milkings demonstration, a calf barn exhibit, and pasture walks.