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May 10, 2007 Volume 37 / Number 7


Everyday: A Yearlong Photo Diary

Byron Wolfe, Communication Design

More Photos from Everyday: A Yearlong Photo Diary

In his first book, Everyday: A Yearlong Photo Diary, published by Chronicle Books, Byron Wolfe, the recipient of the esteemed Santa Fe Prize for Photography, captures the beauty of daily life by making one original, compelling picture every day for a year. The publisher’s Web site says of Wolfe’s Book, “The resulting images create an intimate document of the everyday—domestic scenes, nature, children, and meditative still lifes—universal in their simplicity and appeal. [The] 365 photos capture the minutiae of life as it is actually experienced to create a narrative attuned to detail, place, and the passage of time. Everyday demonstrates how serious creative work can stem from the most ordinary settings, and how surprisingly often mundane detail and unexpected beauty turn out to be one in the same.” Images from Everyday can be viewed by clicking here. Copies are available at the AS Bookstore, directly from the publisher, and from major online sellers. A few signed copies are available from PhotoEye Books at www.photoeye.com/templates/mShowDetailsbycat.cfm?Catalog=CI193.

Linda Moore, Public Affairs and Publications