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Dec 6, 2007 Volume 38 / Number 3


Photo of buoy

A Long Tradition of Community Radio
Each week, Mien families in the Redding area gather around the radio, three or four generations listening intently to the Shasta County Mien Radio Network.
Jeff Price

Go for the Burn
In light of our current wildfire problem, it is important to educate people about indigenous people’s fire-use practices, which were an integral part of our region’s ecosystems for millennia.

Students at Eagle Lake

Ken Rose Challenges Greatest Generation Myth
In Myth and the Greatest Generation: A Social History of Americans in World War II, Kenneth Rose has written a book that questions some of the main assumptions of Tom Brokaw’s book The Greatest Generation.
Pumpkin Drop

…a video game created by students in Clarke Steinback’s game development class, won the top award for Best Interactive Media at the CSU, Media Arts Festival held on Nov. 3. CSU, Chico students also won awards in the Animation and Music Video categories.




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