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March 27, 2008 Volume 38 / Number 5


Librarian at Large

Tune In, Turn On, Blog Out on “The Library Channel”

Library information systems have evolved from card catalogs and printed indexes to online versions of the same to the multifaceted interactive systems now coming into vogue. The Library ReSearch Station http://www.csuchico.edu/library/ has long provided the means to schedule library research related classes, place holds on books, directly access online books and journals from home, and navigate through maps of the library and various guides.

Now you can take a step further by logging into the Library Channel directly from the lower left corner of the ReSearch Station home page. Reference Librarian Aaron Bowen introduces the channel thusly: “You pose questions to yourself on a daily basis— do I trust this Web site enough to cite it in my paper? What was that recent privacy thing involving the Facebook news feed? Does the library have any new books in my major, and how late are they open today? The Library Channel is how you can keep informed about information issues that affect you and the questions you find yourself asking as a result. We blog about library specific stuff, such as what a reference librarian is and how s/he can help you conduct your research, and also about digital information issues of interest to you as a student (or a professor or a staff member), such as navigating the world of social media or evaluating the trustworthiness of a Web site.” Categories include Database Previews, New Databases, News, Technology Tidbits, and Unrequired Reading. You can also go directly into the New Books and Popular Collections Lists to browse for the latest acquisitions.

Sometimes blogs and wikis can become real time wasters, electronic tar pits where you never know what might bubble up or how long you will be sucked in. We’ve developed the Library Channel to help you use your “Library Viewing Time” more effectively. Check it out!

Jim Dwyer, Meriam Library, Bibliographic Services