A publication for the faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of California State University, Chico
May 14, 2009 Volume 39 / Number 6




Patricia Black, Foreign Languages and Literatures, published “Transformation of the Knight in the Moniage Guillaume,” in Olifant: Acts of the Seventeenth International Congress of the Société Rencesvals for the Study of Romance Epic, Vol. 25, No. 1–2.

Scott Brady, Geography and Planning, published “Revisiting a Honduran Landscape Described by Robert West: An Experiment in Repeat Geography” in the Journal of Latin American Geography, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2009.

William Campbell, History, published “Convergence of Interests: William Johnson, George Croghan, the Six Nations, and the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix” in New York History, Vol. 89, No. 2, and the co-authored “Strange Bedfellows: Youth Activists, Government Sponsorship, and the Company of Young Canadians, 1965–1970” in the European Journal of American Studies, Special Issue on May ’68, Sept. 2008.

Rob Davidson, English, published “Four Points on Character in Fiction” in Center: A Journal for the Literary Arts, Vol. 8, 2009.

Bob Jackson, Pol. Sci., published the 25th edition of Annual Editions: Global Issues, McGraw Hill, 2009.

George Keithley, professor emeritus, English, had “The Madonna of Seville” published in The Sewanee Review, spring 2009.

Amy Lance, Undergraduate Business Advising, will have “Advising IS Teaching: Advisors Take It to the Classroom!” published in the June 2009 edition of Academic Advising Times.

Ira Latour, professor emeritus, Art and Art History, had “The Photographic Metaphor” published in Visual Metaphors: Richard Garrod, Photographs, Studio West Editions, 2008.

Michael Magliari, History, published a review of The West the Railroads Made by Carlos Schwantes and James P. Ronda in the January 2009 issue of Technology and Culture.

John Nishio, Natural Sciences, has co-authored, with former biology grad student Arthur Laganowsky and others, “Hydroponics on a Chip: Analysis of the Fe Deficient Arabidopsis Thylakoid Membrane Proteome,” Journal of Proteomics, Vol. 72. He also published “The Professional Science Master’s Degree: An Integrated Interdisciplinary Degree for Scientists” in SACNAS News, Winter/Spring 2009.

Jim Overholt, Education, had the second editions of his co-authored Math Stories for Problem Solving Success, Ready-to-Use Activities for Grades 6–12 (2008) and Hands-On Activities and Investigations for Elementary Students (2009) published by Jossey-Bass.

Ryan Patten, Pol. Sci., published “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” in The Criminologist, Vol. 34, No. 2, 2009, the newsletter of the American Society of Criminology.

Diane E. Schmidt, Pol. Sci., published “Collaborative Management Skills: Training Engaged Civic Leaders” in the Journal of the World Universities Forum, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2009.

Valene Smith, professor emeritus, Anthropology, published “ ‘Branding’ Branson (Missouri, USA) World’s Largest Live Indoor Entertainment Centre” in Tourism Recreation Research, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2008.

Ela Thurgood, English, published “Coronal Contrasts in Anong” in the Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 2009.

Charles C. Turner, Pol. Sci., co-authored “What We Mean by Scope and Methods: A Survey of Undergraduate Scope and Methods Courses,” published in PS: Political Science & Politics, Vol. 42, No. 2, 2009.

P. Willey, Anthropology, co-authored “Holocene Human Footprints in North America” in Ichnos: International Journal for Plant and Animal Traces, Vol. 16, No. 1–2, 2009.

Awards and Activities

Mahalley Allen, Sharon Barrios, Diana Dwyre, and Lori Weber, Pol. Sci., have been selected by the University Studies Abroad Consortium to teach abroad: Allen in the Czech Republic summer 2010, Barrios in Italy summer 2010, Dwyre in Italy summer 2009, and Weber in Italy fall 2010.

Mahalley Allen and Sally Parker, Political Science, presented “Civic Engagement in the Community: Undergraduate Clinical Legal Education” at the Midwest Political Science Association conference in Chicago, April 2009.

Pilar Alvarez-Rubio, Foreign Languages and Literatures, collaborated on an effort to connect her Spring 2009 Spanish 342 students to Mapuche poet Graciela Huinao, in Santiago, Chile, via Skype.

Ed Bronson, professor emeritus, Political Science, has recently consulted in several death penalty cases, including the case of a BART police officer charged with shooting an unarmed African American man in the back and the federal habeas case of Richard Ramirez, the Los Angeles Night Stalker.

William Campbell, History, received the 2008–2009 David Library of the American Revolution Research Fellowship, Washington’s Crossing, Penn. He presented “Envisioning Empire and Nations: The Fort Stanwix Treaties” at the American Society for Ethnohistory conference in Eugene, Oregon, Nov. 19, 2008, and “The Odd Couple: Government-sponsored Youth Activism in Canada During the 1960s” as an invited speaker at The Western Canadian Studies Association, UC Davis, Feb. 20.

Michael Coyle, Pol. Sci., presented “Critical Race Criminology: The Raced Other in Everyday Language” at the Critical Criminology and Justice Studies Conference, San Diego, February 2009, and “The Language of Justice: Talking Justice with the Makers” at the American Society of Criminology, St. Louis, November 2008.

John Crosby, Pol. Sci., coached the student Model U.N. Team, which won the Outstanding Delegation award and the award for top Position Papers at the National Model U.N. Conference in New York City in March.

Becky Damazo, Nursing, coordinator of the rural SimCenter Project, is one of six nursing professionals in the state to be selected for an advanced training program in clinical simulation sponsored by the Bay Area Simulation Collaborative. Damazo will do the apprenticeship at Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education.

Diana Dwyre, Pol. Sci., has been awarded the Australia National University Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Political Science for 2009–10.

Paul Eggers, English, received Prairie Schooner magazine’s Lawrence Foundation Award for the story “Won’t You Stay?”

Alan Gibson, Pol. Sci., was awarded the Beverly Kees Educator Award by the Northern California Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists at the 24th annual James Madison Freedom of Information Awards March 18.

Ralph Huntsinger, professor emeritus, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science, has been appointed guest professor at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China. A formal announcement of his position took place at the university April 23.

Janja Lalich, Sociology, has been accepted as an Academic Fellow with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington, DC. She will be participating in a 10-day special program on terrorism in Israel this June. She was guest lecturer via Skype at The Peace Studies Lecture Series at Kennesaw State University, Atlanta, Georgia, April 13 on the “Drinking the Kool-Aid: From Persuasion to Mind Control.”

Paul Lopez, Chicano Studies and Sociology, attended a Bracero History Project community event in Santa Paula April 28 to collect contacts for his next two bracero projects.

Kristen Mahlis, Multicultural and Gender Studies, presented “Gender in the Work of Kamau Brathwaite and NourbeSe Philip” at the Northeast MLA Conference in Boston, Feb. 26–March 1.

James Matray, History, presented “Mixed Messages: The Armistice Talks at Kaesong” at a conference on “Matthew B. Ridgway and the Korean War” at the Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies, University of Pittsburgh, April 3.

Amy Lance, Kalea Allen, Tessa Nichols, and Clare Clifford, Undergraduate Business Advising, presented “Office Space—Not as Seen on TV” at the National Academic Advising Association conference in Las Vegas in March.

Diane E. Schmidt, Pol. Sci., was a member of the collaborative Chico State EnAct Project, which was selected and featured as an Exemplary Initiative in Universal Design for Learning, by CAST, Inc., the Center for Applied Special Technology.

Marc Siegall, Management, has presented workshops based on his “Magically Improve Your Learning, Retention, and Exam Scores—Without Using Any Magic” at various locations on campus this academic year.

Masami Toku, Art and Art History, will be a Child Art Exchange Director of USSEA United States for Education through Art to organize cultural exchange art exhibition between the U.S. and other countries in 2009–2010. She was also one of 10 people on the the Chico News & Review’s annual “Who to Watch” list, Jan. 8, 2009.

Dave Waddell, Journalism, was named the 2009 Journalism Educator of the Year, Four-Year University Division, by the California Journalism Education Coalition.


Cindy Daley, College of Agriculture: $131,539 from CSU, Fresno to research sustainable feeding practices.

Jim Fletcher, Recreation and Parks Management: $456,417 from the California Department of Fish and Game to do an economic analysis of striped bass, steelhead, and Chinook salmon fishing in the Sacramento and San Joaquin river systems.

Chuck Nelson, Geographical Information Center: $45,000 from the California Department of Water Resources to scan and geometrically correct 500 aerial photos of the Lake Oroville FERC project area.

Stewart Oakley, Civil Engineering: $218,840 from the Calif. Dept. of Conservation to study beverage container recovery in construction and demolition debris waste.

Masami Toku, Art and Art History: $10,000 from the Japan Foundation for a research project of “Power of Japanese (Pop) Culture: Its Contribution to Visual Literacy in the Contemporary Youth World”; $5,000 from the Japan Foundation for Community Leaders and Youth Exchange, Summer 2009; and $5,000 from the Toyota Foundation for a cultural project of Amamina, which is to support young peoples’ activities in the Amami islands in conjunction with the complete solar eclipse in July 2009.

Mike Ward, ECC, and Terisita Curiel, MESA: $61,200 from Yuba Community College for the Northern California CalSOAP Consortium 2008–2009.

Lori Beth Way and Cynthia Bynoe, Political Science: $471,529 from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Violence Against Women Office for the Collaborative Response to Violence Project, which works to reduce and respond to the crimes of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking in the Chico State and Butte College communities.

In the News

Susan Brockus and Glen Bleske, Journalism, were quoted in “Experts Optimistic About Print Journalism’s Future,” published online March 23 at All Headline News.

Janja Lalich, Sociology, was quoted in “Listening to the Lord: Jeffs Exerted 24-7 Control Over FLDS Faithful” in the Salt Lake Tribune March 5.