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May 14, 2009 Volume 39 / Number 6

Samantha Solorzano
Samantha Solorzano

That’s a Lot of Pennies!

Pennies for Peace Raises $7,900

When all of the pennies were counted, more than $7,900 was raised for “Pennies for Peace” during the weeks leading up to Greg Mortenson’s visit. Pennies for Peace is a program of the Central Asia Institute, the foundation that furthers Mortenson’s work and the building of schools in Pakistan.

Samantha Solorzano, a Recreation and Parks Management major, headed the Pennies for Peace drive on campus. A peer mentor and ethnographist with the First-Year Experience Program, which was instrumental in the Book in Common campus and community programs, she volunteered to take on the project.

As part of involving others in the Pennies for Peace effort, she participated in a series of talks at Barnes & Noble and worked with dozens of people. “The project opened my eyes to other cultures,” said Solorzano. “I think the project succeeded so well because it allowed people to be active and involved. It gave them something very specific they could do. Anyone could pick up a penny and drop it in the jar.”