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Sept 17, 2009 Volume 40 / Number 1

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Librarian at Large: Does the Library Have My Textbooks?

At the start of a new semester we hear three questions at the Reference Desk on a regular basis. “Where can I put money on my Wildcat Card?” (The machine on the wall next to the Copy Center on the second floor or the Computer Lab on the first floor.) “Where’s the printer?” (In the corner diagonally from the Reference Desk.) “Does the library have my textbooks?’

In the past the answer to that last question was typically “No.” Why? My flippant reply was that the AS could afford better attorneys than we could, but the real reason is budgetary. We focus on acquiring resources such as databases, journals, and books supporting the basic curriculum, not the textbooks themselves. Beginning this semester, though, the AS Bookstore has donated 88 textbooks for General Education courses with more than 100 students enrolled. It should also be noted than many more professors are putting textbooks on reserve than in the past. They can be found at the Reserve Counter at the Circulation Desk on the first floor, and are receiving very heavy use. Many thanks to the Bookstore and professors for helping relieve our students’ considerable financial burden.

Electronic and print reserves are now combined under one link on the Library Research Station (www.csuchico.edu/library) right smack in the middle of the page in the “Search for” section. It can also be found as a link in the online catalog. You can search by course number or instructor’s name. For books and other printed materials, you just need the reserve call number. For some electronic reserves, you may have to log in under “Circulation Account” (not ILL or Personal Account) and may also require a password that can be obtained from your instructor.

The library has some textbooks in the Main Collection, but these are often earlier editions. Please note that these tend to be checked out early and often. The bottom line, then, is that the library probably does not have your textbook, but it’s worth checking.

—Jim Dwyer, Meriam Library, Bibliographic Services