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Sept. 17, 2009 Volume 40 / Number 1


WREC Opening and Ribbon Cutting

WREC Center: Beyond All Expectations!

Since the Wildcat Recreation Center opened on Aug. 17, more than 12,000 individual students, faculty and staff have registered as members. More than 58,000 visitors have passed through the turnstiles. The average daily use of the center is 2,100 people.

Rick Scott, director of the center, reported that Shauna Quinn from CADEC estimates that her drug and alcohol abuse class is half the size it usually is for this time of year, down 25 to 30 students to 12. “Although this is anecdotal information at this point,” said Scott, “it will be interesting to establish a correlation with WREC use in the future.”

Photos of the new WREC Center

WREC ribbon cutting
Left to right: David Buckley, Paul Zingg, Drew Calandrella, Brianna Ellis, James Newman, Joseph Igbineweka.

Photo of Chris Duffy, Joseph Ibineweka, Ann Marrie Redente and Paul Zingg
After the ribbon-cutting, AS President Joseph Ibineweka challenged President Zingg to a climb on the new climbing wall. Adventure Outings staff members Chris Duffy and Ann Marie Redente assisted them.

WREC Center photo from the outside

WREC Center photo of the lobby with people walking

WREC Center photo of the lobby

WREC Center photo of workout machines

WREC Center photo of the indoor track

WREC Center photo of the gym

WREC Center outdoor photo of the pool

WREC Center outdoor photo of the pool