A publication for the faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of California State University, Chico
May 13, 2010 Volume 40 / Number 6


Explorer Awards

Six faculty have been awarded $3,000 Explorer grants to research and write a proposal to an outside funding agency this summer. The awards are funded by the Research Foundation and are seed grants to help faculty research, write, and eventually submit a proposal to an outside funder. The idea supports Research and Sponsored Programs’ slogan: Explore the Possibilities.

“Faculty researchers are certainly explorers within their disciplines,” said Vice Provost for Research Katie Milo. “When they begin the pursuit of outside funding to support their research and creative activities, they embark on an additional exploration, often new to them and quite challenging.”

Dawn Clifford will develop a proposal for the National Institute of Health Academic Research Enhancement Award. Funding would support the FitU, a campus-based nutrition and physical activity peer-mentoring program.

Curt DeBerg will seek funding from the United States Agency for International Development to develop strategic alliances with educators and civic leaders from eight sub-Saharan African countries. Additional students will be supported in their work with the Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship.

Eric Houk will prepare a proposal for the United States Department of Agriculture Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program. The proposal will be designed to enhance student diversity with the College of Agriculture and provide scholarships for multicultural scholars.

Christopher Ivey will develop a proposal to test hypotheses related to the evolution of plant reproductive systems in two California wildflowers. The project will be a intercampus collaboration with the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Matthew Looper will seek funding from the National Science Foundation to launch a digital scanning project focused on Maya monuments from Quirigua, Guatemala. Standard and virtual interfaces will be developed, with students assisting with system design, scanning, and retouching photographs.

Paul Romanowich is preparing a proposal for the National Institute of Health to support a study focusing on Loss Aversion in Smoking Cessation. Part of this study will examine the effectiveness of immediate financial gain on smoking behavior.

Kathleen McPartland, Public Affairs and Publications