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Sept 16, 2010 Volume 41 / Number 1


photo of Paul Zingg

From the President's Desk: ‘Shout!’
With about 2,000 students and their parents assembled in the Student Services Center plaza on the Friday before classes began, the program they were attending was suddenly interrupted by the sounds of the Isley Brothers belting out their 1960s hit “Shout!” As the opening bars of the song filled the sunny scene, a lone young woman whirled in the middle of the throng and threw her arms exuberantly into the air. Within seconds she was joined by scores of other dancers who joined her movements in perfect harmony. By the time the song had ended a few minutes later, the apparently impromptu dance had attracted nearly 200 students, faculty, and staff who had drifted and synched into the performance. Chico State had just had its first “flash mob.”

New Faculty 2010
CSU, Chico welcomes seven new faculty members this fall. Read their bios here.
Professor Janelle Gardner with child

Life-Changing Education
Janelle Gardner, Nursing, took six students with her to Kenya this past summer. They volunteered for three weeks with the nongovernmental organization Community Outreach Centres, which offers a number of much needed services to children, including treating children suffering from malnutrition, physical neglect, parasitic infection, and illnesses such as malaria. They lived in a rural village in western Kenya and awoke most mornings to the sound of drumming.
Photo: Dave Hibbard

Competition Is a Double-Edged Sword for Teenage Girls
A recent study by Dave Hibbard, Psychology, and Duane Buhrmester, University of Texas at Dallas, looked at the effects of two types of competitiveness on teenagers' psychological well-being and social functioning in late adolescence: competing to win and competing to excel.
Photo: the Tela, Honduras crew

Water for Honduras
“What’s easy for us is hard for many of Hondurans,” said Lisa Hill, a senior civil engineering student, about some of the things she learned from her travels to Honduras this summer.




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