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Sept. 16, 2010 Volume 41 / Number 1



New Faculty 2010

New Faculty 2010

From left to right: President Paul Zingg, Jennifer Oliff-Lewis, Kimberly Jaxon, Kurtis Kredo, Melissa Mache, Colleen Milligan, Jonathan Caudill, and Sandra Flake. Photo by Eric Aguilar.

CSU, Chico welcomes seven new faculty members this fall. “I am particularly pleased that we again have new faculty joining us for the 2010-2011 academic year,” said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sandra Flake. “They bring outstanding credentials, and their expertise and dedication will enhance the learning experience for our students and contribute to the Chico State community for many years to come.”

New Faculty Biographies

Mohammad Asia, PhD, RN (College of Natural Sciences, School of Nursing) received his PhD in nursing at the University of San Diego in 2010. Mohammad is a Palestinian American and immigrated to the United States in 2003. His primary research interest is the impact of traumatic stress on the psychoneurobiology of children. He is also a member of the Education Center at Enloe Medical Center, and serves as a clinical mentor for the night-shift staff. He completed his BS in nursing at the Jordanian University in 1990 and MS in maternal child health at Al-Quds University, Jerusalem, in 1999. Before coming to Chico, he worked as a part-time clinical nursing instructor. His second peer-reviewed article will discuss the relationships of perceived war traumatic stress with cortisol and the alpha-amylase diurnal pattern in Palestinian children. In addition to his passion for teaching, Mohammad loves horseback riding and swimming and looks forward to enjoying the natural beauty of Chico.

Jon Caudill (Department of Political Science) recently completed his PhD at the University of Texas at Dallas. Jon also conducted research for the Dallas Police Department as a research fellow at the Caruth Police Institute while attending graduate school. During his tenure as a research fellow at the institute, Jon conducted research on the police sub-culture, organizational management, law enforcement responses to crime, and policing gangs. He also provided research design expertise for multiple leadership series. He has published research on juvenile institutional misconduct and community corrections. His research has been a product of his experiences working as a juvenile probation officer and an institutional corrections officer. Jon, wife Jana, and  7-month-old Sadie recently moved from Dallas and are starting to explore the area a little more each day. 

Kim Jaxon (Department of English) is a Chico native and Chico State alumna (BA, English, ‘97; MA, English, ‘00). She received her PhD in the Language & Literacy, Society & Culture program at UC Berkeley, where her research interests focused on theories of literacy, the teaching and learning of writing, and teacher education. Kim was invited to be the commencement speaker by faculty at UC Berkeley. At Chico State Kim teaches upper-division courses in composition theory and first-year writing, and she often teaches courses in the area of English education. In her research and her teaching, she uses a variety of technologies and considers what those technologies afford in terms of student learning and participation. She is also a self-proclaimed “geek.” She was recently invited to become a digital curator for a new website hosted by the National Writing Project with funding from the MacArthur Foundation. The site, “Digital Is…”, will provide examples and a range of support for educators interested in digital literacy and the use of technology in their classrooms. Kim’s spouse, Jeff, also works at Chico State in the ITSS department. They have two grown, very cool, children.

Kurtis Kredo II (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) joins Chico State after completing his PhD at UC Davis. His research involves wireless network protocol design, particularly medium access control protocols for underwater acoustic networks. Previously, he attended California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, where he earned his BS and MS while developing an intelligent network interface card for computer networks. Kurtis and his wife, Heather, look forward to exploring all the outdoor activities Chico provides. They bring with them a joy of spending nights playing board games and cards with family and friends.

Melissa Mache (Department of Kinesiology) is a native of Northern California and Chico State alumna (BS, Exercise Physiology, ’01; MA Kinesiology, ‘05). Melissa is soon to complete her PhD in exercise and sports science with an emphasis in biomechanics at Oregon State University, where she has attended since 2006. Her future research interests include further examination of mechanisms of new injuries and the development of means of educing safer, more skilled movement from individuals of all ages and abilities. Melissa looks forward to contributing to Chico State’s learning environment as an educator, researcher, and life-long learner.

Colleen Milligan (Department of Anthropology) recently completed her PhD in physical anthropology at Michigan State University (MSU). Her primary research interest is on assessing health from skeletal samples. She also studies skeletal biology, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, and urban history and public health. She has worked internationally on bioarchaeological projects in both the UK and Belize. While at MSU, Colleen worked with various government agencies on policy development related to mass fatalities within the United States as part of a three-year fellowship with the Department of Homeland Security. Before graduate study at MSU, Colleen received a BA in criminology/law studies and anthropology from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. She was also a member of the Marquette University Rowing Club and a coach with the Michigan State University Women's Rowing Team.

Jennifer Oloff-Lewis (Department of Education) received her PhD at Arizona State University (ASU) in 2009. Her primary research interests are in mathematically gifted students and student mathematical thinking in the elementary grades. At ASU Jennifer worked as a post-doc on a National Science Foundation funded grant focusing on professional development for teachers concerning student thinking in mathematics. Before working on her PhD, she was a middle school mathematics and gifted teacher for 10 years. Jennifer moved here with her husband and three-year-old daughter.