A publication for the faculty, staff, administrators, and friends of California State University, Chico
Oct. 21, 2010 Volume 41 / Number 2




Geoffrey Baker, English, co-edited with Eva Aldea Realism's Others, Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010.

Stephanie Bianco-Simeral, Nutrition and Food Science, co-authored with Patrick Doyle, Agriculture, HACCP Fundamentals, Kendall Hunt, 2010.

Lois E. Bueler, English, edited Clarissa: The Eighteenth Century Response, 1747–1804, volumes one and two, AMS Press, 2010.

Dan Clark, Chemistry and Biochemistry, co-authored with student Christopher Broberg “Shotgun Proteomics of Xanthobacter autotrophicus Py2 Reveals Proteins Specific to Growth on Propylene," published in the Archives of Microbiology, Sept. 16, 2010. He also co-authored with colleagues Jeffrey Boyd, Melissa Kofoed, and Scott Ensign “Mechanism of Inhibition of Aliphatic Epoxide Carboxylation by the Coenzyme M Analog 2-Bromoethanesulfonate,” published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Aug.13, 2010.

Jason Clower, Religious Studies, published The Unlikely Buddhologist: Tiantai Buddhism in Mou Zongsan’s New Confucianism, Brill, 2010

Robert Cottrell, History, co-edited with Blaine T. Browne Lives and Times: Individuals and Issues in American History Since 1865, Rowman & Littlefield, 2009.

Paul Eggers, English, had his collection of stories, The Departure Lounge, published by Ohio State University Press, June 2009.

Lynn H. Elliott, English, published The Story of Another Child's Christmas in Wales, Memoir Books, 2010. Adapted for the stage by William J. Johnson.

Thomas Fahey, Kinesiology, co-authored with Paul Insel and Walton Roth Fit and Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness, ninth edition, McGraw Hill, 2010.

Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Science, authored "Academic researchers' roles in participatory action research, theory development, and the improvement of community-based health project," published in the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, Vol. 1, Issue 2, September 2010. She co-authored with Michelle Morris, Julie Schneider, and student Lisa Mathews “The Relationship between Food Security and Poor Health among Female WIC Participants,” published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, Vol. 5, Issue 1, January 2010.

Mike Graf, Child Development, published a children’s book, Quake!, Pearson Australia, 2010.

Carol J. Huston, Nursing, published Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities, second edition, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009.

Cynthia Lammel, Theatre, published The Actor's Job: Defining, Doing and Getting the Work, Kendall Hunt, 2010.

James Matray, History, published the following reviews: Grace Cho’s Haunting the Korean Diaspora: Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War in the International History Review, March 2010; Marc S. Gallicchio’s The Scramble for Asia: U.S. Military Power in the Aftermath of the Pacific War, in the American Historical Review, April 2010; Elizabeth Stanley’s Paths to Peace: Domestic Coalition Shifts, War Termination and the Korean War in the International History Review, June 2010; and Gilberto Villahermosa’s Honor and Fidelity: The 65th Infantry in Korea, 1950-1953 in the Journal of Military History, July 2010. He also published “The Origins of the Cold War” in Idea Exchange: The United States at War, ABC-CLIO.com, September 2010. He authored the entries on “Economic Impact of the Korean War on Japan” and “Kim Kyu-sik,” published in the Encyclopedia of the Korean War: A Political, Social, and Military History, ABC-CLIO, 2010. He also authored the entries “General Douglas MacArthur” and “U.S. Occupation of Japan,” published in The Forties in America, Salem Press, 2010.

Shekhar Misra, Finance and Marketing, authored “Marketing to Rural India: Issues Related to Sustainability,” published in The International Journal of Global Business and Economics, Vol. 2, 2009. Misra co-authored with Manmohan Yadav “Sustainable development: a role for market information systems for non-timber forest products,” published in Sustainable Development, June 29, 2010.

Jim Overholt, Education, co-authored with Laurie Kincheloe, Mathematics and Statistics, Math Wise! Over 100 Hands-On Activities that Promote Real Math Understanding, second edition, Jossey Bass/Wiley & Sons, 2010.

Sherrow Pinder, Political Science, published The Politics of Race and Ethnicity in the United States: Americanization, De-Americanization, and Racialized Ethnic Groups, Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

James Postma, Chemistry and Biochemistry, co-authored with J.L. Roberts and J.L. Hollenberg Chemistry in the Laboratory, seventh edition, W. H. Freeman and Company, 2010.

Ed Pluth, Philosophy, had Badiou: A Philosophy of the New published by Polity Press in April 2010.

Ann Katherine Schulte, Education, published Seeking Integrity in Teacher Education: Transforming Student Teachers, Transforming My Self, Springer Netherland, 2010.

Cindy Wolff, Nutrition and Food Science, co-authored with Keiko Goto, Nutrition and Food Sciences, and student co-authors Wa Vue and Tong Xiong “Use of Q Methodology to Analyze Divergent Perspectives on Food, Culture and Health among Hmong Mothers with Middle School Children,” published in Food, Culture and Society, Vol. 13, No. 2, June 2010.

Awards and Activities

Anita Barker, Intercollegiate Athletics, was named 2009–2010 Division II West Region Under Armour Athletic Director of the Year .

James Matray, History, co-chaired at the a nnual Truman Legacy Conference on “The Legacy of Harry S. Truman in East Asia:  Japan, China, and the Two Koreas” and presented “Mild About Harry: Truman’s Legacy in Northeast Asia” at the Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida, May 15, 2010. He delivered the keynote address, “The Battles of Pork Chop Hill:  Lessons of a Forgotten War,” at a conference titled “Arkansas in the Forgotten War: The Korean War Remembered” at University of Arkansas, Little Rock, May 22, 2010. Matray co-organized and chaired a session titled “The New International Historiography of the Korean War” at a conference on “New Documents and New Histories: Twenty-First Century Perspectives on the Korean War,” at the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri, June 17, 2010. He also presented “Beijing and the Paper Tiger:  The Impact of the Korean War on Sino-American Relations” at the 25th a nnual c onference of the U.S.-Korean Security Alliance, titled “Legacy and Lessons of the Korean War After Sixty Years in the Context of the U.S.-Korean Security Alliance,” commemorating the 60th a nniversary of the Korean War at the University of Southern California, June 25, 2010. He chaired a session on U.S. postwar occupation of Korea and Germany in Madison, Wisconsin, at the annual convention of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, June 26, 2010.

Michael Polsan, Management, and Mitch Casselman, Management, trained concrete industry executives who participated in Gerencia Integral de la Industria del Concreto 2010 on business topics including human resources, strategic planning, marketing, legal issues, safety, environmental sustainability, and new technologies, in Panama City, Panama, April 2010.

Natalya Shkoda
, Music, a member of the piano duo PROLISOK, guest performed with the pianist Tatiana Mann at a faculty recital at the University of San Diego, March 30, 2010.


Brian Brazeal, Anthropology, received a grant for $286,646 from the National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation program to establish the Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology. The grant will cover digital imaging and computing equipment, systems integration, and the salary for a part-time technician for three years and allow Brazeal to produce ethnographic documentary films for his research.

Dingxin Cheng, California Pavement Preservation Center, secured a contract from CalRecycle for $500,000 and a renewed three-year contract with Caltrans for $800,000. Cheng was awarded a 2009–2010 Professional Achievement Honor by the CSU, Chico Research Foundation.

In the News

Cynthia Daley and Patrick Doyle, College of Agriculture, had their article, co-authored with Amber Abbott, Glenn Nader, and Stephanie Larson, “A review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef,” (Nutrition Journal, March 10, 2010) linked in a March 11, 2010, post “Switching to Grass-Fed Beef” on the New York Times’ “Well blog.”

James Matray, History, had his article “Korea: Lessons and Legacies of a Memorable War“ published in the Bakersfield Californian, June 23, 2010. Also, his interview was featured in “Korea: Forgotten no more,” a special section printed in the Omaha World Herald, May 31, 2010 End