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March 30, 2011 Volume 41 / Number 5




Michael Perelman, Economics, had “Compassionate Capitalism” published on the Climate and Capitalism website March 11.

Awards and Activities

Rebecca Berner and Kaitlyn Baumgartner, Academic Advising Programs, presented “Life After Orientation: Advising Strategies for Second Semester Freshmen” at Regional Conference of the National Academic Advising Association March 2-4 in San Diego and at the Regional Conference of the National Orientation Directors Association March 4–6 in Berkeley.

Carol Huston, School of Nursing, spoke at the first international Research Conference for Nursing Students at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, March 9 and 10.

Meredith Kelley, Enrollment Management, was elected to a three-year term on the Guidance and Admission Committee of the Western Regional Council in February. She also presented “One Family, Many (Financial Aid) Offers” at the Western Regional Forum in San Francisco, Feb. 25–26.

Janja Lalich, Sociology, joined the editorial board of the Journal of Homosexuality in February.

Michael Perelman, Economics, was invited by the Colombian School of Engineering to travel to Bogota for a symposium based on his work, April 4–8. On March 18–20, he presented as part of the “The Struggle Against Mainstream Economic Ideology” panel at Left Forum 2011, at Pace University in New York.

Char Prieto, Foreign Languages and Literatures, presented two papers, “Intellectual Nomadism in Spain: 1940–2010” and “Women’s Narrative of the Spanish Republican Exiles,” at the Modern Language Association in Los Angeles.

Dan Ripke, Center of Economic Development, gave a presentation on economic gardening strategies at the first Economic Development Summit in Bozeman, MT, Feb. 17 and 24.

Lorraine Smith, Kim DuFour, Dami Hammer, and Rebecca Berner, Academic Advising Programs, presented “Navigating Rough Waters: Group Advising for At-Risk Students,” at the Regional Conference of the National Academic Advising Association March 2–4 in San Diego.

Graham Thurgood, Linguistics, was an invited participant at the National Science Foundation-sponsored Tone Workshop at UC Berkeley, Feb. 18–20.



Lee Altier, Agriculture, received $20,000 from the Foor Foundation for the Organic Vegetable Project at the Agricultural Teaching and Research Center.

Jake Brimlow, Agriculture, received $63,744 from the Agricultural Research Initiative for “Residual Feed Intake as an Indicator of Commercial Beef Production Profitability” and $90,000 from the Agricultural Research Initiative for “Conversion of Agricultural Power to Sustainable Technologies.”

Cindy Daley, Agriculture, received, in collaboration with the University of Vermont Cooperative Extension Service, $250,000 over three years for “Development of Technical Training and Support for Agricultural Service Providers and Farmers in Certified Organic Dairy Production Systems Through eOrganic.”

Eric Houk, Agriculture, received $73,337 from the Agricultural Research Initiative for “Estimating the Direct and Indirect Impacts of Reduced Water Supplies in Agriculture.”

Frank Li, Office of International Education, and Joel Zimbelman, Humanities and Fine Arts, with the Chico Unified School District, received $110,000 from Hanban for the funding of five additional teachers for the district’s after-school Chinese program.

Laura McLachlin, Recreation and Parks Management, received $26,000 from D.J. Gregory and the Walking for Kids Foundation to benefit Ability First Sports Camp.

Asa Mittman, Art and Art History, received $5,000 from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for scholarly communications and to fund attendance at a week-long conference in Paris.

Rich Rosecrance, Agriculture, received two Agricultural Research Initiative grants—for $138,373 and $107,529—for a three-year project to establish a 10-20 acre high-density olive orchard at the CSU, Chico farm and evaluate the use of cover crops and fertilizer treatment, and to evaluate regulated deficit irrigation, potassium levels, and hedging treatments.

Keiko Tokuda, Foreign Languages and Literatures, received $25,000 from the Japanese government, including one that allowed the department to add five additional sections of Japanese per year.

In the News

Michael Perelman, Economics, was interviewed on “Beneath the Surface” on KPFK Los Angeles on March 11. Listen to the interview.End