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0 February 3, 2000
Volume 30 Number 11
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Frank Burk, Mathematics and Statistics, had his book Lebesgue Measure and Integration published by Wiley-Interscience. He also had "Natural Logarithms via Long Division" and "Summing Series via Integrals" accepted for publication in The College Mathematics Journal.

Cheuk Chau, Physics, coauthored a paper "Improved Sensitivity in Blue-Membrane Bacterioirhodopsin Films" published in the October issue of Optics Letters.

Lisa Clark, Health and Community Services, had her article "Constructed Knowledge and Cultural Heritage" accepted for publication by the Journal of College Teaching.

Eric Dietz, Physics, had his article "Centripetal Acceleration: Another Round" accepted for publication in the American Journal of Physics.

Bill Fisher and Rick Ford, Mathematics and Statistics, had their article "An Undergraduate Intern Model for Mathematics Teacher Preparation" published in the Journal of Math and Science.

Larry Hanne, Biological Sciences, and Larry Kirk, Chemistry, had their article "Evolution of Bacterial Genes Involved in Oxicative Nitro-Group Removal from Nitroaromatics" accepted for publication in Recent Developments in Microbiology.

Neil Schwertman, Mathematics and Statistics, published "Optimal Sample Size for Detection of an Infestation" in the Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics and "Using Regression Models to Determine If the NCAA Basketball Tournament Seeding Can Be Used to Predict Point Spread" in The American Statistician.

Tony Waters, Sociology and Social Work, published an article titled "Assessing the Impact of the Rwandan Refugee Crisis on Development Planning in Rural Tanzania, 1994-96" in the Summer 1999 issue of Human Organization.

Grants and Contracts

Cheuk Chau, Physics, received $5,673 from Spectra-Physics to employ a student quality assurance intern to inspect the quality of their lenses and mirrors. Spectra-Physics also donated a scanning interferometer for Chau's optics and lasers courses.

Charles Nelson, Geographical Information Center, received $1,000 from the Tri-County Economic Development Corporation to develop a series of GIS map coverages for various economic development projects in Butte, Glenn, and Tehama Counties.

Greg White, Anthropology, received $10,000 from the Bureau of Land Management for the Cache Creek Paleoindian Investigation to study the Pleistocene/Holocene transition hunting site newly discovered in the Cache Creek Wilderness.

Awards and Activities

Aaron Bor, Communication Design, presented a paper on "Distance Education Possibilities for the Teaching of Canada" and chaired the session on "The Exegesis of Magazines: Images, Activism, and Identity" at the biennial conference of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in November.

Louis Buchholtz, Physics, presented his paper on "Critical Current of Superfluid 3He in a Realistic Channel" at the twenty-second International Conference on Low Temperature Physics in Helsinki, Finland, and he presented "Superfluid Density of States at a Diffuse Surface" at the official satellite conference on Ultralow Temperature Physics in St. Petersburg, Russia, both in August.

Cheuk Chau, Chris Gaffney, and David Kagan, Physics, presented papers at the Northern California/Nevada American Association of Physics Teachers at the University of the Pacific in Stockton in November. Chau and Gaffney presented "Bending Light in a Liquid with a Variable Index of Refraction," and Kagan presented "Physical Science for Elementary/Middle School teachers."

Mike Gillis, History, presented the keynote address to the annual meeting of the California State Association of Counties in Monterey in December. His speech was titled "A Human and Natural History of California."

Ira Latour, professor emeritus, Art and Art History, worked with Cameron Macauley of CCM Associates, appraisers of the 8 mm Zapruder film of President Kennedy's assassination for the U.S. Government, to provide defense arguments in the case brought against the government by the late Abraham Zapruder's family.

Jeff Livingston, History, participated on a panel discussing "American Ideology and the Cold War" with the Cold War History Group at the University of California, Santa Barbara in May. He also spoke about "Perry's Opening of Japan" at the North State History-Social Science Project Summer Institute at CSU, Chico in June.

Michael Magliari, History, presented "G. B. DeBernardi and the Labor Exchange Movement, 1880-1901" at the American Italian Historical Association's annual meeting in San Francisco in November.

Miriam Monges, Sociology and Social Work, was the keynote speaker for the twenty-fifth annual state conference of the California Association of Black Social Workers in San Jose in October. Her speech was titled "Shebanization of Knowledge." She also spoke on the topic at the eleventh annual Cheikh Anta Diop Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in October.

Adrian Mirvish, Philosophy, delivered a paper on "Haftarat Bamidbar and Jean-Paul Sartre: Identity, Alienation, and Transcendence" at the joint conference of the Midwestern Jewish Studies Association and the Western Jewish Studies Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Richard Narad, Health and Community Services, was elected to a two-year term as chair of the Emergency Medical Services Committee, a national standards-setting group of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Graham Thurgood, English, gave a presentation on "The Origins of Tone in Vietnamese: Revising the Model and the Analysis" at the recent meeting of the thirty-second International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in October.

Paul Villegas, Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program, spoke on "How to Create Permanent Money for Your MEP Program through Endowments" at the regional conference of the National Association of Minority Engineering Program Administrators in Salt Lake City, Utah, in November.

Aiping Zhang, English, was a guest of The Voice of America in Washington, D.C., on its one-hour talk show "Teaching Toni Morrison in America and Abroad." He presented a paper titled "The Negotiations of Masculinity: James F. Cooper's Outlook of Manhood in The Last of the Mochicans" at the twelfth International James F. Cooper Conference in Cooperstown, New York. He also organized, chaired, and served as a respondent for a panel on "East-West Exploration of Magical Realism" at the annual Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference in Portland, Oregon.


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