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0 February 3, 2000
Volume 30 Number 11
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From the President's Desk

President Manuel Esteban
President Manuel Esteban


By the time you read this, you will be hard at work with all the frantic activity that a new semester entails. Let me, nonetheless, officially welcome you back. I hope you have had a relaxing, enjoyable, and rejuvenating break.

Gloria and I made the best of our days off. We spent ten days in San Diego with our daughter, son-in-law, and our two granddaughters. I never anticipated that I would enjoy being a grandfather as much as I do. Perhaps it is the fact that I am somewhat more relaxed these days and am able to enjoy the company of our grandaughters much more. They obviously enjoy mine better also, to judge by how often they want me to play with them.

I also trust that you have not been adversely affected by the Y2K bug. Either we did a lot to avoid any of the predicted cataclysmic consequences, both as a university and as a nation, or the dire predictions would never have materialized anyway. In any event, my most sincere words of gratitude to the many on this campus who worked tirelessly for months and in the days prior to the advent of the year 2000 for keeping technology at the university functioning as well as it always does.

In my next columns, I plan to communicate with you about our budget for 2000-2001. I also plan to tell you what I learn from my participation in the Salzburg Seminar in Austria from February 2 through 6. The Salzburg Seminar is a foundation in existence since 1947 whose primary purpose is to promote the free interchange of ideas and understanding in the areas of government, economics, law, and education. I am one of thirteen representatives from the United States who will discuss the future responsibilities of higher education in a changing world.

The theme for this seminar is "The Impact of Globalization on Higher Education." There will be an exchange of ideas on such subjects as globalizing the curriculum, cultural clashes, and the university and global civil society issues.

I look forward to sharing some of what I will learn with you.

-- President Manuel A. Esteban


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