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0 February 17, 2000
Volume 30 Number 13
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No Millennium Bugs at CSU, Chico

This is a case of no news being good news. Often, however, when things run smoothly, especially in the case of Y2K's potential for havoc, it's easy to overlook the behind-the-scenes work that keeps them running that way.

Diligent efforts over four years and $1.8 million enabled the Chico campus to roll over into the new century with no major glitches caused by the millennium bug.

President Manuel Esteban said, "The results of countless hours of hard work by Computing Services, Communications Services, Facilities Management and Services, Business and Finance Technologies, Enrollment Management, the AAS's and many others campuswide were clearly demonstrated by the smoothness by which the campus made the transition into the new millennium. Service positions and organizations often receive attention only when a problem arises and not as often when things run smoothly. I recognize the hard work and dedication that went into making the Chico campus so successful in the Y2K effort."

No CSU campus reported any significant problem. Minor Y2K glitches continue to be reported by a number of businesses and government agencies across the country, according to the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion.

There is evidence of some corporate non-reporting of Y2K events because of public relations concerns, but overall the Y2K difficulties were well contained.}Vicky Banes, Information Resources


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