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0 May 4, 2000
Volume 30 Number 19
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Ian Barnard, English, had an entry on South Africa included in Lesbian Histories and Cultures: An Encyclopedia, published by Garland Publishing in 2000.

David T. Kagan, Physics, had his article "A Cheap Simple Ammeter for Batteries-and-Bulbs Activities" published in the April 2000 issue of The Physics Teacher.

Michael O'Neill and Stuart VanAuken, Finance and Marketing, had their paper "Assessing the Impact of a Change from Teaching Paradigm to a Learning Paradigm in the Introductory Course in Marketing" accepted for publication in the 2000 conference Proceedings of the Western Marketing Educators' Association.

Grants and Contracts

David L. Brown, Geosciences, and Donald Holtgrieve, Geography and Planning, received $10,000 from the Natural Heritage Institute for two case studies on the California Department of Water Resources' 1992 drought water bank and its subsequent supplemental water purchase program.

Kristin Cooper-Carter, Environmental Resource Project, received $4,320 from Resource Insights and $3,600 from Garcia and Associates to analyze benthic macroinvertebrate samples in accordance with the California Stream Bioassessment Procedure.

Dan DeWayne and Pat Kopp, University Public Events, received $30,000 from the California Arts Council Performing Arts Touring and Presenting Program to underwrite performances by Western Opera Theatre, Diavolo Dance Company, San Jose Taiko, Lulu Washington Dance Company, and Kitka.

Jim Fletcher, Recreation and Parks Management, received $68,314 from Resource Insights Environmental Consulting Services to conduct recreation use surveys at the Kern River No. 1 Hydroelectric Project.

Reed Gibby, Civil Engineering, received $47,819 from the California Department of Transportation to determine the adequacy of all pedestrian policies related to state highways.

Emilyn Sheffield, Recreation and Parks Management, received $15,000 from the Oroville Chamber of Commerce for interns who will host existing programs and develop new tourism-related events.

Greg White, Anthropology, received $1,896 from the U.S. Forest Service Department of Agriculture for the Passport in Time project designed to educate the public about the value of preserving archaeological and historical resources.

Awards and Activities

The following presentations were made at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco in March: Donald Alger, Chemistry, presented "Common Misconceptions Concerning the Sign of Some Entropy Changes"; David Ball, Chemistry, presented "Pd(0)-Catalyzed Vinyl/Aryl Couplings: A Crossover Reaction Sequence for an Advanced Integrated Laboratory Course," "Model Pd(0)-Catalyzed Couplings Toward Potentially Chemotherapeutic Retinoids," and "Preparation of a Nonracemic Coupling Partner en Route to the Anti-HIV Agent, Michellamine"; Sam Beattie and Larry Kirk, Biological Sciences, presented "Fatty-Acid Profiles of Lipids from Three Tilletia Bunts"; Kirk and Larry Hanne, Biological Sciences, presented "Degradation of Substituted Phenols by p-Nitrophenol-Degrading Soil Bacteria"; Randy Miller, Chemistry, presented "Introducing Fundamental Chemical Principles and Dynamic Modeling in the Context of Global Warming"; and Tal Nahir, Chemistry, presented "Hold-Up Time During Single-Ramp Linear Programming of Temperature and Pressure in Gas Chromatography at Near-Vacuum Outlet Pressure."

Barney Hope, Economics, received a 1999 - 2000 Fulbright Scholar grant for lecturing and research at the Mahasarakham University in Mahasarakham, Thailand.

Stephen Lewis, History, received a $4,000 summer stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities to finish archival research in Mexico City and Chiapas for his book project on "Revolution and the Rural Schoolhouse: Forging State and Nation in Chiapas, Mexico, 1913-1948."

Graham Thurgood, English, presented a paper titled "The Structural Transparency of Modern Cham: The Effects of Long-Term Multi-Lingualism" at the forty-fifth annual meeting of the International Linguistics Association at Georgetown University in April.


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