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0 August 30, 2001
Volume 32 Number 1
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Steve Adams, Accounting and Management Information Systems, and LeRoy Pryor, College of Business, had The California Car Company published by South-Western College Publishing in 2000.

Victoria Bernhardt, Professional Studies in Education, co-authored The Example School Portfolio, A Companion to the School Portfolio: A Comprehensive Framework for School Improvement, published by Eye on Education in 2000.

Robert Cottrell, History, had Roger Nash Baldwin and the American Civil Liberties Union published by the Columbia Union Press in 2000.

Joanna Cowden, deceased, History, had Heaven Will Frown on Such a Cause as This: Six Democrats Who Opposed Lincoln’s War published by the University Press of America in 2001.

Richard Davis, Dan Toy, and Lauren Wright, Finance and Marketing, and Valerie Milliron, and Kent Sandoe, Accounting and Management Information Systems, had “Technology-Based Assessment: Promises and Problems” published in the Proceedings of the Marketing Educators Conference in Kona, Hawaii, in April.

Philip Hoff, Electrical and Computer Engineering, had a Russian edition of Consumer Electronics for Engineers published by DMK Publishers in 2000.

David Kagan, Physics, had “The Shaken Soda Syndrome” published in The Physics Teacher, May 2001.

Michael Magliari, History, had a review of Kristin Delaplane’s Solano’s Gold: The People and Their Orchards published in the Public Historian, Vol. 23, spring 2001. He also had a review of Nancy Olmsted’s The San Francisco Ferry Building, 1898–1998 published in California History Action, Vol. 19, summer 2001.

Sara Trechter, English, co-edited a special June 2001 issue of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropologyon language and whiteness which includes her “White Between the Lines: Ethnic Position in Lakhota Discourse.” She co-authored the introduction, “White Noise: Bringing Language into Whiteness Studies.”

Grants and Contracts

Jim Fletcher and Roger Guthrie, Recreation and Parks Management, received $58,000 from the Klamath National Forest to collect general recreation use data between June 1 and September 20, 2001.

Arnethia Okelo, Education, and Gayle Hutchinson, Physical Education and Exercise Science, received $46,674 from the California Commission on Teacher Creden-tialing for a program enabling students to be credentialed sooner.

Bill Wattenburg, Research Foundation, received $800,000 from the California Energy Commission to test load reduction switches for reducing energy blackouts.

Awards and Activities

Lisa Churchill and Michelle Cepello, Professional Studies in Education, presented “Finding and Keeping the Best: A Rural Regional Partnership” at the national meeting of the American Council on Rural Special Education in San Diego in March.

Richard Davis and Shekhar Misra, Finance and Marketing, received the Outstanding Paper Award for “The Skills Versus Theory-Based Knowledge Paradox in Marketing Education: A Gap Analysis” at the Marketing Educators’ Association annual conference in Hawaii in April. Misra was elected to the board of directors of the association through 2004. Pam Johnson and Julie Indvik, Management, received the Distinguished Research Award for “All the Rage: Workplace Bullying” at the Allied Academies of Management International Conference in April. Michael Leitner, Recreation and Parks Management, was a keynote speaker at the World Leisure and Recreation Association conference in Shanghai, China, in April. He spoke on “Leisure and Social Development of the Older Person” and on “The U.S.A. Model” for leisure services and social development for elders. He also spoke as the United States representative on an international panel of experts on the topic and presented workshops on adapted dance and exercise for frail elders.

Bill McGowan, Finance and Marketing, and Kent Sandoe, Accounting and Management Information Systems, participated in a workshop on “How to Get More Customers” at Chico’s Business Showcase 2001 in May.

Don Miller, Foreign Languages and Literatures, presented “The End of Chivalry and the Goddess: Subversions of Gender Roles in Lanini Sagredo’s Darlo todo y no dar nada” at the annual Association for Hispanic Classical Theater symposium in El Paso, Texas, in March.

Andrea Pantoja, Psychology, presented “Processes of Relational Change in Early Emotional Development: Seeds of Symbolic Functioning?” at the annual meeting of The Jean Piaget Society in Berkeley in May/June.

Neil Schwartz, Psychology, co-presented “The Design and Development of a Web-Based Instructional System to Teach Metacognitive Skills in Chemistry, Physics, and Biophysics Problem Solving” and “Metacognitive Processes in Expert and Novice Problem Solving” at the American Educational Research Association meeting in Seattle, Washington, in April.

Scott Sibary, Management, presented “Trends in Copyrights to Information on the Web: Where Might We Be Heading?” at the International Business Association conference in May.

David Swanson, Physical Education and Exercise Science, presented “Antioxidants and Exercise Performance at Simulated Altitude” at the 12th International Hypoxia Symposium in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, in March.

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