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0 September 27, 2001
Volume 32 Number 3
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Happy 100th Birthday, Dr. Kendall!

President Esteban and Felicia Contreras congratulate Dolly Moore-Solomon.

Glenn Kendall, born on September 16, 1901, sits on the patio of the former President’s Mansion where he and his wife, Susan, lived from 1950 until his retirement in 1966. He was feted on Sunday, September 16, with a celebration that included a ride to the party in a limousine, a California State Legislature Resolution, accolades from long-time friends and colleagues, two cakes, and hundreds of handshakes and hugs. Above: Dr. Kendall vigorously blows out 100 candles.

photo by: Whitney Booz

Glenn Kendall, former Chico State
College president from 1950 to 1966, celebrated his 100th birthday Sunday, September 16 at the Albert E. Warrens Reception Center, formerly the President’s Mansion. More than 100 friends and colleagues gathered to honor Kendall at a party hosted by President Manuel A. Esteban, Don Gerth, president of Sacramento State, and John Suthoff, Kendall’s administrative assistant between 1960 and 1966.

Admirers agree that CSU, Chico is the university it is today in large part because of Kendall’s vision and guidance. During the early years of his tenure, the programs of agriculture, social welfare, engineering, and nursing were developed. Kendall also oversaw the phenomenal growth of the college from 1,500 to 6,000 students, and from 78 to 305 teachers.

Kendall’s strong commitment to the people of Northern California characterized his administration (and was a source of good-natured ribbing about his Southern pronunciation of “service ay–rea”). Don Gerth, dean of student affairs for Kendall, said in his remarks that Kendall was the prime mover in the regional orientation of state colleges.Kendall was a devotee of Thomas Jefferson and believed that the primary mission of public institutions, especially the university, was to improve the life and living of those they served. As the new president of Chico State, Kendall combed the nine- county area of Northern California, talking to residents about their needs.

President Esteban and Felicia Contreras congratulate Dolly Moore-Solomon.

Dr. Walt Mazen and Marilyn Warrens were two friends out of hundreds to visit with Dr. Kendall at his 100th birthday celebration.

photo by: Whitney Booz


“If there was an important need, I believed we should meet it,” said Kendall. He was also responsible for creating the first working University Advisory Board.

Kendall was very good at hiring people, said Suthoff. “He was an extraordinary guy. He saw talent and hired it.” He has the record in the state, said Suthoff, for having three former administrators go on to be CSU presidents: Gerth, Paul Romberg, who became president of San Francisco State, and John Fau, who was the founding president of San Bernardino.

Kendall greeted everyone individually and spoke briefly to the crowd: “I want to say thank you for the great time I’ve had in Chico. I’ll never forget today.” He said that one of the best parts of the party was that it provided an opportunity for so many friends from over 50 years to get together once again.

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